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The Technology of Today's Restaurant Equipment

The Technology of Today's Restaurant Equipment

 Picture this: You’re at home and suddenly you get a text alert that your walk-in temperature has dropped unexpectedly. Something needs attention. With today’s technology, it may even self diagnose the problem, making the call to your repair technician simple and concise. This scenario years earlier would be quite different; you would have come into your business and upon discovery of your tepid walk-in, you’d frantically add the inventory in your head of the amount of product you just lost. The technology of today’s equipment has surely been a game-changer for many restaurant owners and managers!

POS Systems

Point of sale systems have revolutionized the way restaurants can accept payments. These systems have evolved to be much more than a hyped-up cash register. In fact, you can now utilize many of these systems for inventory and labor control as well!

  • Order-Touch Entry Systems: All touch screens can be configured to your exact restaurant menu items and options, so entering in a guest's order is simple and intuitive.

  • Credit Card Readers: A focal point to any restaurant or retail environment nowadays, the credit card readers lend businesses the ability to accept credit payment almost instantly.

  • Kitchen Display Systems: What used to be a paper ticket system has now been replaced with kitchen display systems. Also called KDS screens, these display monitors hang above kitchen work stations and transmit information from the order-entry screen in the front of the house (FOH) to the kitchen.

  • Handheld Inventory Device: But your charts and graph paper away; the handheld inventory device puts all of your tracking records into one easy-to-carry computing system. Handheld inventory devices are portable POS systems that sync up with your other POS software.


We’ve all seen or are using pagers to help cue customers to come to the front desk when their table is ready. Modern restaurant owners decide to implement restaurant pagers at the host station, which are arguably less intrusive and more streamlined than calling out names. Pagers also give customers the freedom to wait outside or by the bar area without confusing the host or hostess.

Wireless Technology

This includes technology that controls ambiance as well as signals your equipment should something go wrong. Many of these items can sync up with your mobile device so that you can control and respond to situations without even having to be in the building. From indoor temperature to lighting to music and even locks, wireless devices can give managers the ability to manage without being on the premises.

Utilizing all of the most modern technology can help save your restaurant time, effort, and money in the long-run. It gives owners and managers the ability to stay ahead of the game, ultimately catering to their customers in the best ways available today!

Cynthia Maier
Sales Consultant
E Friedman Associates Inc 

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