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What Can I Do About My Drafty Dining Room?

What Can I Do About My Drafty Dining Room?

 “What can I do about my drafty dining room?”…. “I keep the heat revved up and it still doesn’t cut it.” I hear this comment too many times, especially in older establishments.  Too often the flip side “summer” comment is also said, “The room is too warm and my customers aren’t comfortable.” Fortunately, kitchen exhaust systems can help improve airflow, increase energy efficiency, and save you money on utilities. If you’re finding that your dining room is drafty or stuffy, then it might be time to take a look at your exhaust system.

When analyzing the source of disruption in your airflow systems, the HVAC system is the first to come to mind. But you know that the chances are that it’s probably not the HVAC system that’s at fault.  They are calculated according to the room size with various other conditions factored in. Since their primary job is to control indoor air quality and provide thermal comfort, it’s highly unlikely that the HVAC system itself is the culprit!

In many cases it is the kitchen cooking line’s exhaust system at fault. A kitchen exhaust system that is expertly designed and specified with built-in energy savings devices and approaches will also allow for smaller fans, smaller ductwork, and even smaller HVAC equipment.  This is important to the operator because smaller translates to less energy expense… and that gets added to the profitability and bottom line of the business.

If you’re finding that your customers are always complaining about temperature, or if you suspect that your exhaust systems is flawed, it’s time to start pinpointing the issue. From cooktop to rooftop, the exhaust system can encounter issues in a variety of targeted areas. While the process may likely end up involving a technician, you can start by taking a look at your hood vent and ensuring that there’s nothing blocking the openings. Specialty grease hood cleaning technicians can and should be hired on a regular basis to ensure that your exhaust system is maintained and safe for use.

Take steps to ensuring that your kitchen is a safe environment for your employees. Pay attention to when customers complain of discomfort, and take proactive measures by scheduling routine exhaust cleaning for your restaurant.




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