Snack Stands Can Use Meat Grinders to Provide Fresh Hamburgers

Baseball season is fast approaching with the arrival of warm weather, and soon town leagues will be starting around the United States. Many youth fields have snack shacks that operate during games to serve hot food to spectators and children, and this is normally where the coach treats his team after the game.

However, no one really prefers frozen hamburgers and hotdogs - these items can develop freezer burn or get stuck to the side of the packaging. Nothing compares to the taste of a freshly made hamburger, and snack shops can make these with restaurant equipment like the Adcraft MG-1 Meat Grinder. This device can be easily operated by the teenagers who normally run snack stands. Meat is simply fed into the top, automatically ground by internal machinery and then distributed out of the bottom. The compact aluminum frame can be installed right on the wooden counter of these shops.

With a meat grinder in place, shops can expect business to increase as word spreads about the fresh hamburgers being served at games. Towns should consider donating the $510 necessary to secure this handy little device.

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