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Convection vs Standard Ovens

Convection vs Standard Ovens

 Commercial Ovens are a focal point for any kitchen, and choosing the right one for your restaurant can improve efficiency and help boost profits! During your shopping endeavour, you’ll inevitably reach a crossroad between the standard Commercial Oven versus convection Commercial Ovens. Since the 1950s, convection Commercial Ovens have made their way into restaurant kitchens around the world. So what’s the big difference?

Convection Commercial Ovens are essentially different from their standard counterparts due to the cooking method. As Kitchen Daily notes:

Unlike conventional Commercial Ovens, which cook food by surrounding it with hot air, convection Commercial Ovens circulate the air. Convection Commercial Ovens are built with a fan placed in the back of the Commercial Oven. When you turn on the convection setting, the fan blows warm air all around the inside of the Commercial Oven, promoting rapid and even heating. The hot air in conventional Commercial Ovens just hangs around and sometimes leads to uneven results.

The result is a quicker turnaround time and more evenly browned foods! Without heat settling in the Commercial Oven, creating unevenness, convection Commercial Ovens give the operator the ability to cook many items in one Commercial Oven with the reassurance that all items will be cooked at the same rate! This comes in handy for baked items such as individual tarts or loaves, as the user doesn’t have to constantly worry about rotating pans or checking to see if some of the product has been cooked before the rest. Because of it’s increased efficiency, the temperature can also be set to about 25 degrees lower than specified in any recipe.

The downfall in convection Commercial Ovens is that many of the pans you use should have low edges to allow for the best air circulation. Cookies, cakes and roasted meats and vegetables turn out the best in a convection Commercial Oven while casseroles and other high-sided dishes would be best in a standard Commercial Oven or with the convection setting turned to ‘off’. Experiment with different dishes to find what works best for your desired results.

While convection Commercial Ovens tend to be a little pricier than their counterparts, consider the savings you’ll  have in turnaround time, labor costs, and wasted food from uneven cooking. Most chefs agree that convection is best, so have a look at our selection to see which one is right for you!


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