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White Chocolate Essentials: Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?

White Chocolate Essentials: Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?

Everyone loves chocolates. White chocolate is one of the most delicious types of chocolates available. Some chocolate connoisseurs consider white chocolate superior in terms of taste. Craft chocolate makers are gradually making white chocolate mainstream, and the perception of white chocolate is changing. 

In this article, we discuss what white chocolate is, whether white chocolate is real chocolate, how white chocolate is made, and the list of ingredients needed to make white chocolate. 

What is White Chocolate?

White chocolate has been popular since the early 1900s. White chocolate is made of sugar, cocoa butter, and milk solids. Nestle made the first commercial white chocolate in 1930. White chocolate has less caffeine content than other chocolates. White chocolates also have a lower melting point, and it remains solid at room temperature but melts in the mouth. 

You can make white chocolate by extracting cocoa butter from cocoa beans while obtaining cocoa powder. Although white chocolate is made from cacao beans like dark chocolate, the color remains white because of the absence of cocoa liquor. 

Most craft chocolate makers use high-quality cocoa butter, which is packed with healthy oils, antioxidants, and rich flavor. 

Cocoa butter used in the skincare industry is deodorized by steam distillation and solvents. The process reduces the volatile compounds that produce the aroma and provide a pale white color. 

is white chocolate chocolate

Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?

Many have asked the same question repeatedly, ‘Is White chocolate, chocolate?’ The answer to the question is that opinions differ. White chocolate is essentially made from cocoa butter which is derived from cocoa beans. Cocoa is the core ingredient in chocolates. White chocolate does not contain cocoa nibs because of the absence of cocoa solids. Some say that white chocolate is not chocolate because of the absence of cocoa solids. Also, the taste of white chocolate is distinct from regular cocoa liquor-based chocolate. 

What is White Chocolate Made of?

Cocoa beans are made of 45 percent cocoa solids and 55 percent cocoa butter. Cocoa solids provide the flavor, and cocoa butter is the flavor carrier. After fermentation, the cocoa bean shell is removed, and cacao nibs are obtained. The nibs are essential for making pure chocolate. Cocoa mass is mostly in liquid form. Chocolate liquor can be processed into the primary components of white chocolate - cocoa butter and cocoa solids. 

Chocolate liquor is primarily blended with cocoa butter for the production of various chocolates. 

  1. Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate is made from cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, vanilla, and sugar. 
  2. Milk Chocolate: Milk chocolate is made from cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, sugar, milk powder, milk, and vanilla. 
  3. White Chocolate: The primary white chocolate ingredients are cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla, milk, and milk powder. Cocoa liquor is absent from white chocolate. It is primarily made from cocoa butter. 

Understanding The Ingredients

White chocolate is made from cocoa butter, milk solids, vanilla, and sugar lecithin. White chocolate lacks cocoa solids, cocoa mass, and chocolate liquor. Additionally, you can also order raw forms of white chocolate available in groceries and supermarkets.

  1. Cocoa Butter: Purchase high-quality blocks of food-grade cocoa butter from supermarkets. Always check if the cocoa butter is edible or not. Additionally, you can check the label for unwanted additives in cocoa butter. 
  2. Raw White Chocolate: Never add anything else to raw white chocolate as it contains sugar, milk powder, and other ingredients. Additionally, you can check for cocoa butter in the chocolate. Many white chocolates are made from vegetable fats. Raw chocolate with high cocoa butter content tastes best. Prevent moisture from ruining the composition of the cocoa butter. 
  3. White Chocolate Chips: You can purchase white chocolate chips from the store instead of chopping them separately. Store the packet carefully away from moisture. You can additionally check for the cocoa butter content on the packaging. White chocolate chips take time to melt because of the additives. 

How is White Chocolate Made?

Many like white chocolate but are not aware of the production process. White chocolate is similar to an art form in which only trained chocolatiers can achieve the purest taste of white chocolate.

If you are wondering how to make white chocolate, follow these essential steps:

Chopping: Cocoa butter can melt easily because of its low melting point. You can chop the cocoa butter block into small pieces and reduce the melting time. Finely chopped cocoa butter will melt faster. Also, you can use white chocolate chips that do not require chopping. Never leave any cocoa block out in advance, as moisture can spoil cocoa butter.

Melting: Melting is a process where solid cocoa butter is molten. The heating should be done cautiously to prevent scorching. Molten white chocolate is different than dark chocolates because of its greater milk content. 

Double Boiler: Chocolate needs to be heated in double boilers. Never put the chocolate directly over the frame as cocoa butter can get burnt if the temperature rises above 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Microwave: The microwave needs to be heated cautiously as cocoa butter is at risk of scorching. Place the bowl in the microwave and set the temperature at 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You can microwave for 20 seconds; then, you can take the bowl and stir with a whisk. 

Tempering: Tempering is responsible for the shiny texture of white chocolate. Tempering can be heated and cooled to obtain a uniform crystal structure in the chocolate. 

Chef Whisking: You can now add other necessary ingredients like molten cocoa butter, milk powder, sugar, and vanilla extract. Stir the ingredients with a spoon. While scraping, remember that you can scrape cocoa butter from the sides and also analyze if the mixture is too thick. If so, you can place the bowl over a double boiler and let out heat. 

how is white chocolate made

Pouring Condensed Milk: You can check the chocolate and see if it has been tempered correctly. If the white chocolate hardens in less than 5 minutes, then the tempering process has been correctly done. An improper tempering process can result in a grainy and unappetizing appearance. White patches can appear on the chocolate because of non-uniform crystals formed during the tempering process. 

Molds: After the tempering process is finished, you can pour the mixture into molds. Use high-quality cupcake molds, jelly molds, and ice cube trays for chocolate mixtures. While you can make molds from aluminum foil, aluminum molds can lead to inconsistency in the final shape of the chocolate. 

Refrigeration: Once the white chocolate is poured into the molds, you can place the molds in the refrigerator, where they will be uniformly cooled. You can also freeze the molds, but this is not ideal. If you freeze the molds, you will observe white patches of cocoa butter on the chocolate. Instead, you can refrigerate the chocolate for 3 to 4 hours before consumption. However, you will observe condensation if you refrigerate the chocolate for extended periods. 

Storing: White chocolate is sensitive to temperature changes. They are also highly sensitive to humidity. White chocolate should be stored carefully. It is highly perishable as it contains milk solids. You need to store the chocolates in air-sealed containers with cling film. This process will ensure the flavor and texture of the chocolates are not contaminated.

Best White Chocolate Recipes

There are various types of desserts you can make from white chocolate. Here is a list of the top white chocolate dessert recipes that you can serve at your home and commercial food service establishment:

  1. White Chocolate Mousse: White chocolate mousse is an elegant dessert that is made from whipped cream and white chocolate. This special dessert is made with coarsely chopped baking chocolate, heavy whipping cream, confectioners’ sugar, vanilla extract, and fresh berries. You can take a small saucepan and combine chocolate with a cup of cream and stir it at medium heat. Then you can transfer the contents into a large bowl and cool to room temperature. Use another small bowl to beat additional cream until it thickens. Then, add confectioner’s sugar and vanilla. Add a one-fourth cup of whipped cream to the chocolate mixture and add the remaining whipped cream. You can then transfer the content to dessert dishes and refrigerate them for 2 hours. Additionally, you can garnish the dessert with berries. 
  2. Coconut Fudge: Creamy coconut fudge is served with sweet curry powder. You will need butter, white baking chips, sweetened condensed milk, coconut extract, sea salt, and curry powder. You can prepare the dessert by taking a pan with foil. You can grease the foil with two teaspoons of butter. Take another large, heavy saucepan and cook baking chips with milk. You can add butter to make it smooth. Remove the fudge from the heat and stir in extract and salt. Spread the content in a prepared pan and sprinkle with curry powder. You can refrigerate and cover it for 2 hours. Use foil to move the fudge from the pan. Additionally, you can remove foil, cut fudge into one-inch squares and store them in the refrigerator. You can sprinkle the fudge with coconut and coconut flavor. 
  3. Blackberry White Chocolate Cheesecake Cups: This delicious white chocolate recipe is made from miniature pretzels, sugar, butter, whipping cream, and cream cheese. You will also need confectioner’s sugar, vanilla extract, baking chips, and fresh blackberries. You can process the pretzels in a food processor with sugar and butter. Divide the mixture into six half-pint jars. For the cheesecake layer, you can beat cream until stiff peaks form. Take another bowl and beat cream cheese, vanilla, and confectioner’s sugar together. Fold one and a half cups of whipped cream and add baking chips to the mixture. You can then spoon the pretzel mixture and refrigerate it for 3 hours. Additionally, you can also create puree from blackberries with sugar in another clean food processor and transfer the contents to a bowl. Refrigerate and cover the berry mixture with whipped cream till served. While serving the dessert, use the berry mixture, whipped cream, and some blackberries. 

Does White Chocolate Have Caffeine?

White chocolate is only made from cocoa butter and not cocoa solids. White chocolate contains zero percent caffeine. While dark chocolate contains twelve milligrams of caffeine per ounce of milk, milk chocolate mainly contains nine milligrams of caffeine per one and a half-ounce. True caffeine-free chocolate is rare. Most imitation chocolates, like bars, are mostly made from soy and carob, which do not contain caffeine. 

Learn How To Make Colorful White Chocolate

Learn how to color chocolate and candy melts easily. You can paint white chocolate into candy molds and create colorful renditions of white chocolate. You can use confectionery coating for candy molds and create cute lollipops. Additionally, you can use the candy painting technique to create chocolate Easter bunnies. Hand-painted chocolates are ideal for making pure white chocolate. Pure white chocolate is obtained from cocoa butter. You can color white chocolate with oil-based food coloring designed to color chocolates. The primary challenge of using pure white chocolate is that you need to keep small quantities while preparing and painting candy molds. Various manufacturers make white, cocoa, dark cocoa, and colored coatings ideal for coloring white chocolate. 

white chocolate ingredients

How To Color White Chocolate

You can use candy coloring in a squeeze bottle and stir it properly until the color blends with the background. Additionally, you can add more colorings to achieve the desired color and shade. 

You can also use powdered color. You can sprinkle powdered color and stir to get the desired color for white chocolate. 

White chocolate is gaining popularity worldwide. Hand-crafted chocolate makers are creating desserts with high-quality white chocolate. You can alter the taste of white chocolate with various quantities of cocoa butter, milk powder, and sugar. Additionally, you can replace milk and milk powders with soy and coconut milk. You can also use powdered cream cheese and powdered buttermilk for making delicious white chocolate desserts.


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