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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Recent Reviews
edward r (Amite, Louisiana)
November 03, 2015
Johnson A (, )
October 27, 2015
One of the best oven available
Andre Walker
October 08, 2015
The customer service I received throughout this whole order was outstanding. Very nice people, fast responses, and quick delivery. Thank you for everything.
October 08, 2015
Love the French top. works well. very energy efficient. no issues with this unit at all. highly recommended
John Richards
October 08, 2015
Heavy duty is right! This thing is so durable and high quality... better than any I've ever used in the past. Great customer service too. Thank you
October 08, 2015
order for a client who was very satisfied with the product itself and the timeliness of the delivery. thank you
julia ryan
October 08, 2015
Perfect addition to the kitchen. high quality and very durable. gets hot very quickly and gets the job done well. highly recommended
Erin Castor
October 08, 2015
Very impressed with the high quality and simple construction of this product. Both the oven and the stove heat up very quickly. Looks awesome in the kitchen too!
N & S Hanson
October 08, 2015
We bought this for our B&B breakfast area just a few weeks ago and we are in love with it - and so are our guests! We were a little hesitant to spend the money, but have no regrets now! Very powerful and seems to cook/heat to perfection each time. Our guests say that it is wonderful too! Thank you for everything!
October 08, 2015
great features on this one. one of the best ive had yet. very satisfied, thanks
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