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Heavy Duty Gas Ranges

Heavy Duty Gas Ranges

CKitchen.com offers a wide selection of heavy duty gas ranges from manufacturers that produce some of the top commercial kitchen equipment & cooking equipment in the industry. Garland offers over 250 models of heavy duty commercial gas ranges with specs including stainless steel back risers, infer-red burners with Hi-Lo valve control, BTU open burners, storage space, fry-top with manual controls and more. Montague offers about 150 models of heavy duty gas ranges with specs including even heat hot tops, modular stands with under shelves, BTU open burners and more. Vulcan offers more than 20 models of heavy duty gas ranges with specs including polished steel plating with thermostatic controls, cabinet bases with hinged doors, front gas manifolds and more. Choose one of CKitchen.com’s heavy duty gas ranges today and know that your product will maintain grade A performance, reliability, durability and provide customer satisfaction. If you need help choosing the right gas range or other restaurant equipment, feel free to give us a call and our certified food service equipment consultants will help you.

Heavy Duty Gas Ranges

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