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A Guide to Choosing Catering Equipment

Like any specialty service, offering catering to your guests requires an extra investment in time and effort in order to ensure that you’re ready to handle the equipment needs and extra business that comes with catering. Catering equipment needs to be versatile, robust, and able to handle your catering menu. Here’s a quick guide to purchasing the right equipment for your catering needs.

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A Guide to Choosing Display Refrigeration

Note! Most of the units below are available with remote compressors. These require installation by a refrigeration technician, and this adds a lot of cost. Units situated in warm areas will work more efficiently and not add to the already warm ambient temperature if the condenser and compressor are place in a well-ventilated room. If they are placed outdoors, you will need to note that in your order so that an outdoor hood and heater can be included.

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Let Them Eat Cake!

Bakeries, cafes, and restaurants alike can see a boost in profits when they invest the time, energy, and effort into offering cake. 

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Millennials Influencing the Snacking Craze

Snacking has long been a part of American cuisine. Bite-size and small portion foods help to fill out the day in between our standard meal times, and many opt to snack as a way to indulge rather than sustain. The Millennial generation has further fueled the demand for snacking options, and restaurants who choose to forego these small-portion dishes can be missing out on a large chunk of profit.

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Increase Customer Impulse Buys with Display Bins

While every restaurant or commercial eatery knows the importance of getting customers to come in, sit down, relax and enjoy the atmosphere, we also must not overlook another segment of business that has very low overhead and the possibility for an added revenue stream with high profitability.

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Size Isn't Everything: Spotlight on Small Display Items

Small display items such as display risers, mirror trays, cake stands, and display bins all add convenience and appeal to a restaurant. Just like larger pieces of commercial equipment, these smaller items can introduce a host of benefits to your customer’s satisfaction as well as your restaurant’s bottom line.

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Is It Time to Replace Your Refrigerated Merchandiser?

Your refrigerated merchandiser is meant to capture the attention of your customers and reel in some impulse buys, but if it’s catching their attention in all the wrong ways due to its broken-down appearance, then it may be time to replace.

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Commercial Display Cases Recent Reviews
Bob W (Cincinnati, Ohio)
too soon to tell
Sandy B (Escondido, California)
mark sherwin
very happy we added this to the restaurant. only positive results so far! will recommend to others.
Sarah Johnston
Just opened our parlor at the beginning of this year, and this case has not given us any problems! I really like that the glass doesn't fog much and is relatively fingerprint-resistent.
Ben Waters
Purchased for our diner. Great match for what we were looking for. Highly recommended.
Timothy Gunther
Love the combination of the refrigerated self-serve bottom with the hot serve top. Very high quality and multi-functioning piece. Highly recommended.
Stephanie Williams
Great new piece of equipment! Adjustable thermostat with internal humidifier are two wonderful qualities. Definitely a favorite in the front of house.
Olivia Traver
Excellent in the bakery. Easily accessible. Great display for customer appeal.
D & J Higgins
Newly purchased countertop display case is easily accessible to our customers. They seem very satisfied, as do we.
Vanessa L
Fabulous addition to the diner. Well-liked by everybody. So many optional additions as well. I would gladly recommend this display case to others.
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Commercial display cases is a must have piece of equipment for any food distribution institution, because using refrigerated or heated food display case to display products is the best way to show customers merchandise while storing it at the required temperature. Our display cases & commercial merchandisers maximize sales with appealing original look. offers dual temperature display cases, refrigerated display cases, non refrigerated display cases, heated display cases & other food service display equipment from the most dependable manufacturers in the industry, such as Delfield, Beverage Air, Doyon, Merco, Structural Concepts, Excellence & Turbo Air. Find the right display cases or other commercial kitchen equipment to suite your needs. Call one of our certified food service equipment consultants who specialize in commercial kitchen equipment to help you make the right decision on your new commercial merchandiser or other restaurant equipment.
Call our trained professionals for assistance in selecting the right unit and options for your needs.

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