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Commercial Display Cases Recent Reviews
Sandy B (Escondido, California)
November 19, 2015
mark sherwin
October 03, 2015
very happy we added this to the restaurant. only positive results so far! will recommend to others.
Sarah Johnston
October 02, 2015
Just opened our parlor at the beginning of this year, and this case has not given us any problems! I really like that the glass doesn't fog much and is relatively fingerprint-resistent.
Ben Waters
September 21, 2015
Purchased for our diner. Great match for what we were looking for. Highly recommended.
Timothy Gunther
September 17, 2015
Love the combination of the refrigerated self-serve bottom with the hot serve top. Very high quality and multi-functioning piece. Highly recommended.
Stephanie Williams
September 17, 2015
Great new piece of equipment! Adjustable thermostat with internal humidifier are two wonderful qualities. Definitely a favorite in the front of house.
Olivia Traver
September 17, 2015
Excellent in the bakery. Easily accessible. Great display for customer appeal.
D & J Higgins
September 17, 2015
Newly purchased countertop display case is easily accessible to our customers. They seem very satisfied, as do we.
Vanessa L
September 17, 2015
Fabulous addition to the diner. Well-liked by everybody. So many optional additions as well. I would gladly recommend this display case to others.
Shannon K
September 17, 2015
Love this two-in-one warmer and display case. Great piece of equipment & great investment. Highly recommended!
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