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A Guide to Choosing Bar Equipment

Any restaurant with a dedicated bar will need to invest in additional equipment specifically designed for the bar area. Many of these units tend to take up less space and are specialized for bartending purposes.

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A Guide to Choosing Stainless Steel Sinks

The number of compartments you’ll need for your sink will be determined by the tasks that your sink needs to perform. While three compartment sinks are the traditional favorite of many kitchens, there are other options available:

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Sink Accessories

Your commercial sink is likely to be a focal point to your restaurant’s kitchen. While choosing the right sink is an entirely different conversation unto itself, choosing the right accessories can improve workplace efficiency, increase worker safety, and make for a more comfortable working environment in general.

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Hands-Free Sinks and Automatic Soap Dispensers

Touchless faucets and soap dispensers have become more popular in recent years, but many reserve these for use in public bathrooms. In fact, there are hands-free sinks and dispensers available for kitchen use as well.

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Understanding Codes for Sinks

Rather than haphazardly purchasing a sink that you think will get the job done, know the codes for kitchen sinks to help ensure that your restaurant has exactly the right type of sink for your kitchen setup.

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Automatic Pot Washers and Pre-Soak Agitating Sinks

Many restaurant owners find themselves trying to rub two pennies together to make a nickel when it comes to equipment needs, so many of the extras tend to get left out. What many don’t realize is that these technologies and extra investments have been made to cut down on total costs over time.

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NSF-Rated Sinks

When it comes to square utility sinks and NSF-rated sinks, the differences can be stark.

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Larry J (Capitola, California)
I really I like the product!\nWorks great!
Juan C S (Staten Island, New York)
nice mop sink
TAN D (SAVAGE, Minnesota)
very good
Linda Matthews
Great price!! So happy I found this on here. I will definitely pass the world on to others.
Wes Noland
Needed a repair kit fast. This came very quickly, I was very impressed. I definitely know where to go if this ever happens again
much cheaper than some of the other brands, and still works great. satisfied with the product and customer service
Vince L
Ordered for a customer who was very pleased with the product. Thank you very much.
Susan H (, )
received quote
Susan H (, )
received quote
Michael M (, )
You were quick in responding to our requests and getting us specs in a timely manor
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