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A Guide to Choosing Bakery Equipment

Bakeries, cafes, patisseries, and even restaurants with a lot of baked goods can benefit from the incorporation of commercial bakery equipment. There are many categories of applicable equipment as well as types and models within each category that makes certain units better equipped for certain kitchen setups. Here’s a quick rundown of some available options recommended for bakery use by CKitchen.

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A Guide to Choosing Essential Bar Supplies

Stocking your bar involves more than simply choosing which liquors and alcohols to serve. In fact, it’s also more than choosing the equipment you’ll need. There are many supplies specifically designed for the bar area that can improve your customer service, help to vary your menu offerings, and increase workflow and efficiency in the bar area. Here are a few essentials that you should include in your bar area.

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A Guide to Choosing Mixers
Bakeries, pizzerias, traditional restaurants, and institutions all need to consider how much they’ll need to mix in any given batch of product as well as what they are planning on mixing to decide which mixer is best suited for the task.

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A Guide to Choosing Slicers

There are two types of slicing machines: manual and automatic. Depending on your needs, products, and volume, you’re likely to opt for one machine over the other.

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A Guide to Choosing Charbroilers

Charbroilers generally operate at temperatures of 550 degrees and up, regardless of make, model, or manufacturer. Burners are separated at widths of 12”-15” apart (with pricier models having more burners/width), and unlike a griddle, the cooktop has slats to give items that classic grillmark appearance.

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The Fresh Food Mood: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Food Fresh Longer

Here are a few tips to keep your food stored can give it not only a shelf life which your wallet will appreciate, but also can ensure that it’s still fresh when you get around to eating it.

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Successfully Cutting Back on Processed Foods
Cut back on sweets that include candies, cookies, and enter a new, healthy life! Read More
Three Ways the Blockchain of Food is Good For Consumers
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Cake Decorating Basics

For bakeries, creative desserts are old hat; for restaurants, the story may be quite different. Your chefs should have a well-rounded knowledge of basic cake decorating techniques, tools, and tips.

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Dito Electrolux Recent Reviews
David Y (Portland, Oregon)
Grid does not perform as product info would have you believe. Shows that it will process cheese which Electrolux now informs me it can't
Kourtney S (Santa Barbara, CA)
I would recommend this to my other friends in the restaurant business
Atilla o (arlington, Massachusetts)
Cost effective product that restaurants and bakeries may use. Robot Coup was better but price is really high. If the reliability is as good, this is a perfect buy.
Han V (Helotes, Texas)
Very good product
Kathy R (Richardson, Texas)
we have only had the Electrolux 6 months and the bowl cracked. I wish it was a bit more durable. We use daily to process ingredients for baking.
Rod N (Flushing, New York)
great sharp knive
Rod N (Flushing, New York)
great sharp knive
Joshua L (Montreal, Quebec)
As described
Joshua L (Montreal, Quebec)
As described
Marlene H (Honomu, Hawaii)
I'm giving an excellent
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