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Dito Electrolux

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Dito Electrolux Recent Reviews
Leila Gordon
October 03, 2015
High quality and reliable piece of equipment. Functions well. Easy to clean. Great price as well!
Amanda Harley
October 03, 2015
This item is of fantastic quality. It peels and cores everything so easily and quickly, and speeds everything up in the kitchen. Highly recommended for other restaurants!
Beth Kreitzer
October 03, 2015
Side by side feature is great. So much more output for increased sales. Heats up fast and cooks evenly.
Sandy Naparty
October 03, 2015
So handy to have in the kitchen. Very lightweight and easy to use. Easy clean up too!
Mike Franklin
October 03, 2015
one of the best vegetable dryers we've ever used. definitely serves its purpose. well worth the money. thanks!