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Restaurant Booths

Attract More Customers By Adding Comfortable, Ergonomic Furniture Booths To Your Space

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Furniture Booths For Comfort, Style, and Function

Furniture booths, sometimes called restaurant booths, are not your ordinary restaurant furniture. Having booth seating as an additional option for your customers in addition to the traditional chairs and tables can be a great way to attract more customers.

Furniture booths create a more private area for your customers to dine and socialize. The higher backs of the booths cultivate a sense of privacy because they can block out the sounds from other booths and at the same time keep the conversations to themselves. Since there is less open space around furniture booths, there are minimal distractions. Fewer people will pass by, which can get bothersome especially if a place is crowded, and customers will feel less exposed.

Furniture booths also offer great comfort for customers. Even from afar, you can already feel the coziness from the padded furniture booths. The back and seat padding makes them much softer than chairs with little to no padding at all. They also offer more ergonomic support so that customers won't have to sit a certain way to find a comfortable spot.

They also provide more seating space for customers but also at the same time make the area more intimate. The base that runs the length of the seat helps in supporting multiple people on a single bench. For smaller parties or professionals on a break, furniture booths unlock more room for laptops, documents, and other stuff they carry to be able to get some work done while on lunch.

Commercial-grade furniture booths here on CKitchen are made with high-quality materials for durability and long years of reliable use. You can choose single booths or back to back booths with complete back and seat padding or only seat padding with wood back. There are different heights available for furniture booths. Keep in mind that the higher the back, the greater the privacy your customers can enjoy and lumbar support. We also have a selection of wall benches that are perfect for placement against the wall. CKitchen offers a wide range of colors and styles as well as custom designs tailor-made to your space.

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