Shake Machines

Treat Your Customers to Delicious Shakes, Smoothies, Coffee, and More Frozen Drinks With Shake Freezers and Frozen Beverage Machines

Frozen Beverage Machines and Shake Freezers

Shakes and other frozen beverages offer an excellent opportunity to boost your profits, and you've got a great selection of frozen drink machines to choose from here at CKitchen to make that upgrade. With this piece of equipment, you can make an array of frozen drinks like slushies, coffee, smoothies, and frozen cocktails. Whether you are looking for a margarita machine or a smoothie freezer, we have a full line of high-quality frozen beverage machines you can check out.

Shake machines are a great way to expand the beverage menu of your convenience store, concession stand, restaurant, or bar. Shake freezers feature an enclosed hopper and augers that mix the drink inside the freezing cylinder to produce a thick and smooth product that your customers will surely love. There is a small window at the front of the hopper through which the products can be seen churning, helping attract more customers and ultimately increase sales.

Since they are very simple to operate, shake freezers can cut down your expenses! You only need to add the mixture into the hopper and watch the machine do the rest. You can set the unit behind the counter to be operated by your staff or have the customers help themselves in a self-service station. Some frozen beverage machines have advanced controls that give you the precision and control you need to produce your desired beverage. You will also find that most units do not require a lot of upkeep, and still work reliably.

Stoelting frozen beverage machines available here on CKitchen have innovative features like automatic defrost that ensure every drop is consistent in flavor and quality and sleep mode that saves you from unnecessary energy use. They are even smart enough to sense the consistency and temperature of the contents, log performance and error data, and download statistics through USB.

CKitchen has a wide selection of shake machines from some of the industry's best. If you are looking for other beverage equipment such as commercial milkshake machines, slush machines, frozen beverage dispensers, and other concession or convenience store staples like soft serve ice cream freezers.

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