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Bar Backbar Storage Cabinets

Commercial Backbar Storage Cabinets

CKitchen.com offers a line of backbar storage cabinets from commercial bar equipment merchants Krowne and Perlick. Krowne manufactures a line of commercial backbar storage cabinets in a variety of different sizes, colors and designs. Choose a 2 or 3 sections unit with or without glass doors. Models are available standard with interior lighting, door locks, and stainless steel interiors and 35” in height. Choose from units with either 12 or 20 case capacity. Perlick’s line of backbar storage cabinets are available in either refrigerated or non-refrigerated units, Perlick’s refrigerated units are available in 1-4 section models designed for either remote or self-contained refrigeration. Perlick’s non-refrigerated line is available in either one or two section units. Purchase a Krowne or Perlick back bar storage unit to keep your bar organized and your beverages easily accessible. CKitchen.com offers the lowest prices guaranteed. Call one of our certified food service equipment consultants who specialize in commercial kitchen equipment, bar equipment to help you make the right decision on your new backbar storage cabinet or other restaurant equipment.

Commercial Backbar Storage Cabinets

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