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Bar Speed Rails

Commercial Speed Rails

CKitchen.com offers a line of commercial speed rails from top commercial bar equipment manufacturers Krowne and Perlick. Krowne’s Royal Series line of speed rails range from 12”-96” in length. Choose from a single or double rail unit that come standard with a sound deadened feature and stainless steel construction. Perlick offers a line of dual and single speed rails. Their single and dual speed rail lines are available in sizes ranging from 12”-48” with the option of a locking feature and field or factory installation. Choose a commercial speed rail from CKitchen.com from one of our top manufacturers for guaranteed low prices. Choosing the most convenient commercial restaurant equipment for your business may not be so easy. We are here to assist you. Give one of our certified food service equipment specialists a call today and receive the right information about speed rails to help you make the right decision.

Commercial Speed Rails

Detailed info about speed rails could be found on product manufacturer's website.



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