A Guide to Choosing Essential Bar Supplies

Stocking your bar involves more than simply choosing which liquors and alcohols to serve. In fact, it’s also more than choosing the equipment you’ll need. There are many supplies specifically designed for the bar area that can improve your customer service, help to vary your menu offerings, and increase workflow and efficiency in the bar area. Here are a few essentials that you should include in your bar area.

For Mixing and Serving Drinks...



Best for:


Bar spoons are crafted with a smooth, comfortable coil and precise balance. Due to its length, these spoons are designed to reach the deepest parts of your bar glasses, allowing the bartender to mix and layer different drinks.

  • Alcoholic Cocktails

  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks


Muddlers are growing in popularity every year as traditional bartending techniques and classic drinks reemerge on the scene. The action of a muddler helps to release flavors and scents of ingredients for common cocktails with herb additives.

  • Mojitos

  • Mint Juleps


Many alcoholic beverages call for a mix of flavors that involve solid ingredients. Similarly, some drinks should be shaken with ice to chill the beverage but then separated from the ice before serving. Strainers separate liquid from solids for a perfect, smooth beverage.

  • Any beverage to be served without ice

  • Separating liquids from solids

Mixing Glass and Stainless Steel Shaker

Used in conjunction with a strainer, the mixing glass is where you combine ingredients for any given drink with ice. Then, pour the contents over the strainer and into a serving glass for the final result.

  • Use to mix drinks

  • Use in conjunction with strainer

Ice Buckets

These insulated buckets are a great addition for your bar but can also be used for hotels and other establishments who wish to serve ice to guests without having to provide individual ice machines to every person.

  • Hotels

  • Self-serve areas

Glass Rimmers

Margaritas are notorious for their rimmed glass, and you can fill your glass rimmer with salts, sugars, or any other type of ingredient to match the drink you’re serving. The purpose can be either aesthetics or flavor - or both!

  • Margaritas

  • Mojitos

Keep the Bar Area Clean and Organized!



Best for:

Drip Trays

Your bar area will inevitably accumulate spills and drips from drinks as you pour them from your tower heads and into glasses. Drip trays help to catch the excess to keep your countertops cleaner for longer.

  • Behind-the-Bar Prep Areas

  • Underneath Taps

Speed Rails

Speed rails are essential for storing bottles of liquor and are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and lengths as well as single- or double-tier models. Deciding on these details boils down to an analysis of your bar design and setup as well as an understanding of how many bottles of liquor you’ll need to store.

  • Liquors Served and Used Often

  • Easily-Accessible Areas by Bar Staff

Liquor Pourers and Measure Pourers

If you’ve ever tried to quickly pour a drink from a bottle, you’ve probably experienced the mess thereafter. Liquor pourers should be equipped on one of every liquor bottle for easy and accurate pouring. Measure pourers are a great way to get identical measurements on every pour by stopping the pour after a certain amount of liquid has been dispensed (1oz, 2oz, etc).

  • Liquor Bottles

Bar Mix Pourers

Pre-made bar mixes should also be equipped with a specialty pourer to reduce mess and improve pouring efficiency.

  • Pre-made Bar Mixes

Condiment Boxes

Many drinks served in a bar will need a garnish of some sorts. Whether it’s a lemon or lime slice or any other type of fresh garnish, you’ll want to keep those ingredients stored on-hand in food safe condiment boxes.

  • Near every prep area behind bar

  • Garnishes

Cutting Boards

If you’re serving fresh slices of lemons and limes or other garnishes with your drinks, then you’ll want a small cutting board on-hand for your bartenders.

  • Near every prep area behind bar

  • Garnishes

Bottle Openers

Serving bottled beverages requires some type of bottle opener. There are two types: wall and key types. Bartenders can each keep a key type opener in their pocket or on their persons, and wall type openers can easily be installed in different areas of the back-bar.

  • Near refrigerator storing bottles of alcohol

  • With every bartender (key type)

Glass Racks

Keep your glasses up and off the dirty counters with racks installed behind the bar. These also help to reduce accidents, as the glasses are up and out of the way, freeing up workspace for your employees.

  • Glass Storage Behind-the-Bar

Bar Mats

Inevitably, spills and drips will occur behind the bar, making for a slippery environment. Bar mats keep employees comfortable while improving workplace safety.

  • Behind-the-Bar work areas

Small Equipment



Bar Blender

Blended drinks like daiquiris and margaritas require a blender, so make sure to invest in one that is durable and versatile and can handle peak traffic times.

Bar Mixer

Drink mixers can take some of the labor out of making mixed drinks behind the bar. They’re good for a variety of frozen drinks and can also be used for making blended non-alcoholic drinks like milkshakes as well!

Frozen Drink Machine

Pre-made frozen drinks are a great way to prepare for large crowds so that you’re not making individual batches of each frozen beverage in a bar blender. Simply fill each cavity with a different frozen beverage and pour on demand.

In addition, check out our guide to bar equipment as well to ensure that your bar is stocked with all the necessary pieces of equipment for a productive and safe work environment.