A Guide to Choosing Food Processors

Food processors and blenders are not one in the same, as blenders require some sort of liquid to keep food moving through the blades. Food processors, on the other hand, have a flat bottom and thus do not need additional liquid.

Choose Based on Task

Type of Processor



Primary Tasks

Batch Bowl Processor

Typically between 1-6 quarts, although some industrial units may come in larger sizes.

Typically features a Sebatier or ‘S’ blade, and the bowl is detachable. Bowls typically made of plastic with some stainless steel.

  • Chopping

  • Kneading

  • Pureeing

  • Grating

  • Slicing

  • Shredding

Continuous Feed Processor

Continuous feed allows for limitless capacity.

Dispenses food into a separate container, allowing for quick preparation.

  • Shredding

  • Larger Volume slicing and Processing

Dual Processor (batch and continuous)

Can be continuous or will be limited by the bowl size you opt for with batch capabilities.

Uses both a bowl and continuous feed capabilities depending on whether or not you utilize an add-on unit.

Multi-tasking abilities of both batch bowls and continuous feed processors through the use of interchangeable heads.

Vertical Mixer Cutter

3-60 quart

Built to save space with removable bowl and tilting seal.

  • Meat Processing

  • Grinding

  • Kneading

  • Emulsifying

  • mixing


A wide range of capacities from 2 to 60 quarts.

Combines features of a blender and a mixer and is best at pureeing and thickening

  • Pureeing

  • Mixing/ Blending Liquids

Revolving Bowl-Type Cutter

Bowls ranging from 5-15lbs. capacity.

Utilizes a rotating 14” or 18” s/s bowl to mince items via a multi-bladed, vertically-revolving knife at the rear of the bowl.

  • Mincing Meats

  • Blending and Emulsifying Proteins

  • Chop vegetables

Vegetable Slicer

Continuous feed allows for limitless capacity.

Operates as a mixer hub attachment designed specifically for vegetable slicing capabilities. Can either connect to a 12 or 24 sized hub and will need verified prior to purchase.

  • Vegetables

Meat Grinder

Hub Attachment: Continuous feed allows for limitless capacity but with a slower output.

Stand-Alone Unit: Continuous feed best for high-volume meat grinding outputs.

Operates as a mixer hub attachment designed specifically to grind meat. Available as a hub attachment and can either connect to a 12 or 24 sized hub. Can also be purchased as a stand-alone unit.  

  • Meats

Make sure to choose a processor that also comes with (or has available for purchase) blades and discs to tend to all of your processing needs. Some may only have a few attachments available while others may include a wide range of blades and discs to tend to almost any food processing need.


Batch bowl processors generally come in ranges from ¾ quart up to 20 quarts.

Processor Size


Best for:


Typically not ideal for restaurant use, these are reserved for small batches and softer foods. Liquid ingredients require about half the capacity for the processor.

  • Small batches of sauce

  • Blending/Chopping Herbs

  • Chopping Nuts

  • Liquid Ingredients

  • Garnishes


Best for restaurants, hospitality, and institutions. For large-volume outputs, consider the continuous feed processor.

  • Cheeses

  • Bulk Veggies

  • Batch Salsas

Size also comes into play in regards to the chute, which is your main alley for adding ingredients into the main cavity.

Horsepower Rating

Processors with the same batch bowl sizes can vary in horsepower ratings, rendering some more useful for coarser foods than others. Consider higher horsepower ratings for your processor if you plan to utilize it for:

  • Kneading Stiff Dough

  • Chopping Raw, Hard Veggies (like Carrots)

  • Shredding Hard Cheese

  • Long Running Times

If you know you’re utilizing your processor for rougher jobs but opt for a low horsepower rating, you run the risk of:

  • Not chopping foods completely

  • Foods not uniformly processed

  • Motor burning out

A good rule of thumb is that for food processors of 9 quarts or higher, opt for at least a 600 horsepower rating.

Attachments and Accessories

Hoppers, bowls, and pushers may be available as well as different choppers and discs.



Best for:

‘S’ Blade

Included with your purchase of a batch bowl, the ‘S’ blade sits at the bottom of the bowl and combines ingredients together.

  • Salsas

  • Hummus


Positioned at the top of the bowl and slices food into different shapes and slices. These are best for visible foods, as the presentation is key.

  • Sandwich Pickles

  • Mushrooms for Pizza

  • Curled Chocolate or Cheese Slices


Holds food before it’s funneled into the cavity of the processor.

  • Multiple Ingredients


Helps to push food through the opening and into the cavity. This keeps fingers safe and acts as a lid.

  • Larger Foods


Is the receiving container for food as it’s cut.

  • Choose size based on input.

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