Cooking Equipment

Cooking Equipment

A Guide to Choosing Ranges

The first two types of ranges listed below are primarily what you’ll choose from, but the latter two are specialty ranges designed for certain cooking preferences.

A Guide to Choosing Portable Cooktops

Restaurants with catering capabilities especially can benefit from the addition of portable cookware, although brick-and-mortar establishments can also reap the benefits of cooktops that can be stowed away if not used often.

A Guide to Choosing Charbroilers

Charbroilers generally operate at temperatures of 550 degrees and up, regardless of make, model, or manufacturer. Burners are separated at widths of 12”-15” apart (with pricier models having more burners/width), and unlike a griddle, the cooktop has slats to give items that classic grillmark appearance.

A Guide to Choosing Combi Ovens

Before purchasing your unit, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does one unit need to perform a variety of functions? Combi units are praised for their versatility, but keep in mind that one unit alone cannot perform two tasks simultaneously. If you plan to utilize your combi oven for different functions at the same time, then you may want to opt for two units stacked on top of one another. Otherwise, you can simply purchase one unit with the knowledge that only one function may be in use at any given time.

  • Do you need a boilerless or steam generator unit?


A Guide to Choosing Griddles

Griddles are a type of range with a flat top, allowing for even heat distribution which makes it ideal for cooking items directly on the surface.

A Guide to Broilers, Salamanders, and Cheese Melters

There are several styles of broilers available on the market today to cook or enhance the finishing touches on your menu items by utilizing quick, intense heat. In addition, some of these units can reheat certain foods as well. While there are many styles of broilers available, salamanders and cheese melters are best reserved for lighter applications.

A Guide to Choosing Fryers

Tube-shaped gas heating elements are permanently affixed to the fry pot, giving this type of fryer more versatility.

A Guide to Choosing Convection Ovens

When choosing your convection oven, you’ll first need to ask yourself a few questions:


A Guide to Choosing Concession Equipment

One of the biggest influencers of which equipment you’ll need to purchase for your concession needs is whether or not your concessions will be stationary or mobile. Thus, this guide is divided to showcase some recommended equipment options based on your concession mobility.

A Guide to Choosing Steamers

Choosing between different models and sizes of steamers should be based on the amount of food you plan to cook within the cavity at once. In addition, you’ll need to consider the space accommodations allotted for your steamer, as one model may consume a footprint within your kitchen while another can sit comfortably on top of a shelving unit. 

A Guide to Choosing Pizza Ovens

The evolution of pizza ovens has made them ideal for cooking foods in addition to more than just their namesakes! Fortunately, all pizza ovens are not created equal, and different types are designed for different outputs, space constraints, and different products altogether.

A Guide to Choosing Kettles

Steam kettles heat food indirectly through the use of steam that is inserted and encapsulated in a steam jacket (a secondary wall behind the kettle). The amount of added pressure determines temperature. Benefits include; faster cook times, uniform cooking and less burning.