Refrigerators & Freezers

Refrigerators & Freezers

A Guide to Choosing Blast Chillers

Reason for blast chilling or shock freezing : This guide won’t delve into the reasons to own a blast chiller which is reasonably well addressed here, and more details here. Let’s suffice to say that products that have been rapidly chilled will likely hold 2-3 days longer and taste better when rethermalized. Also, if you wish to refrigerate freshly cooked food, it can get contaminated while cooling down in a cooler. So whether you’re saving labor by cooking items in bulk or preparing for a catering event, Blast chillers can be very effective.

A Guide to Choosing Walk-In Boxes

Walk-in coolers tend to be larger than their freezer counterparts and can occupy a space from 15 cubic feet to as large as 400,000 square feet! Keep the following in mind when choosing the size/capacity of your walk-in box:

A Guide to Choosing Display Refrigeration

Note! Most of the units below are available with remote compressors. These require installation by a refrigeration technician, and this adds a lot of cost. Units situated in warm areas will work more efficiently and not add to the already warm ambient temperature if the condenser and compressor are place in a well-ventilated room. If they are placed outdoors, you will need to note that in your order so that an outdoor hood and heater can be included.

A Guide to Choosing Commercial Refrigeration

Depending on the type of unit you’re purchasing, there are likely a few options in terms of size and capacity available. There are a few ways to categorize the size/capacity of a unit:

A Guide to Choosing Ice Cream Equipment

Softserve ice cream, custard, and frozen yogurt are best-sellers, but these three treats have many differences between them despite their similar goodness. With $25 billion spent annually on these treats alone, there’s certainly a market for frozen desserts.