Electrolux Professional 587040 (PBOT10GCWF) Touchline Tilting Kettle

Electrolux Professional 587040 (PBOT10GCWF) Touchline Tilting Kettle
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The Electrolux Professional 587040 (PBOT10GCWF) Touchline Tilting Kettle is a fully jacketed 26-gallon propane powered unit that produces 71,652 BTU/hr with a steam pressure of 22 PSI. This model is perfectly suited for steaming, poaching, braising, and boiling food in great volume making it an easy choice for large establishments that require high output.

This tilting kettle features the easy to use touchline control panel with self-explanatory icons in the display that guide operators through the cooking process. Multiple recipes can be saved making large amounts of food in a consistent and easily repeatable manner from batch to batch. The “SOFT” control allows for gentle and gradual heating for delicate recipes similar to a partially jacketed steam kettle. Nine (9) simmering levels allow for flexibility in the heating needs of different recipes. Saved recipes can be programmed with a multiphase cooking process with various temperatures and durations for better fine-tuning to optimize speed or efficiency.

The cooking vessel is made from tough, corrosion-resistant AISI 316L stainless steel features a larger diameter and shallower depth which makes stirring and handling of food much simpler. The jacket terminates 5-9/32” from the top lip which protects operators from accidental burns. The high tilting design makes this tilting kettle user-friendly and ergonomic to fill. A 2” Tangent Draw-off valve (TDO) makes it easy to remove stock from the tilting kettle. The lid is double-lined insulated and counterbalanced to remain open in all positions.

Pouring the contents of the Electrolux Professional 587040 (PBOT10GCWF) Touchline Tilting Kettle is effortless with the variable speed motorized tilting controls. The “SOFT STOP” tilting mechanism allows for adjustable speeds for precise controls when pouring which avoids loss of product and accidents due to sloshing or splashing of the product. The pan can be tilted past full vertical to completely empty the contents and facilitate with cleaning.

The external dimensions of this tilting kettle are 47-¼” in width, 35-7/16” front-to-back, and 27-9/16” in height. This unit uses propane gas for heating and can produce temperatures between 122°F and 230°F. Electricity is supplied using standard 120v/60/1-ph power.

The Electrolux Professional 587040 (PBOT10GCWF) Touchline Tilting Kettle is ETL and ETL-Sanitation certified.

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The ETL Mark is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards.

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Electrolux Professional 587040 (PBOT10GCWF) Touchline Tilting Kettle
587040 (PBOT10GCWF) Touchline Tilting Kettle
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