Market Forge Industries FT-12CE Kettle

Market Forge Industries FT-12CE Kettle

Market Forge Industries FT-12CE Kettle
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This item is now sold under Crown

Kettle, electric, table top, 12 gallon capacity, tilt type, support console on right, 2/3 steam jacket design, stainless steel construction

Standard Features:
 Commercial Kettle will be constructed of welded satin finish, type 316, stainless steel. The Market Forge Kettle will be jacketed by an outer Commercial Kettle, which encloses the heating element, water and antifreeze required to generate steam. Heating element can be easily removed for service and will automatically shut off when Market Forge Kettle is tilted to prevent element damage. 
 Commercial Kettle will be equipped with tilt handle, heat-proof knob and tilt lock. Water Tight Controls will be integrally mounted to the Market Forge Kettle control console and include an on-off switch, solid state temperature controller with pilot light, low water shut off light, pressure/vacuum gauge, pressure safety valve, and air bleed vent. 
 Commercial Kettle will operate in a temperature range of approximately 100° to 298°F (38°-148°C) at a pressure not to exceed 50 PSI (305kg/cm2 ). Mounting base will include Market Forge Kettle mounting lugs concealed inside a rectangular enclosure.
Options & Accessories: (Additional Cost)
  • ‰ Vegetable Strainer
  • ‰ Stainless Steel Wire Basket
  • ‰ One-Piece Lift-Off Stainless Steel Cover
  • „ Stands
    • ‰ 12” High Stainless Steel Stand (p/n: 97-6375)
    • ‰ 20” High Stainless Steel Stand (p/n: 91-5153)
    • ‰ 21” High Stainless Steel Stand with Sink/Drain (p/n: 91-5154)
  • Electrically, self-generating closed steam system equipped for operation on:
    • ‰ 480 VAC, 3 pH, 50/60 Hz.
    • ‰ 208 VAC, 1 pH or 3 pH, 50/60 Hz
    • ‰ 240 VAC, 1 pH or 3 pH, 50/60 Hz
    • ‰ 220/380 VAC, 3 pH, 4 wire, 50Hz
    • ‰ 240/415 VAC, 3 pH, 4 wire, 50Hz
    • ‰ Other Electrical Connections, Consult Factory
Shipping Weight:
  • „ FT-6CE - 110 lbs (50 kg)
  • „ FT-10E - 130 lbs (59 kg)
  • „ FT-12CE - 180 lbs (82 kg)

Draw-offs & disk strainers
Measuring strip & markings
Prison option
BrandMarket Forge
Capacity12 Gallon
Design2/3 Steam Jacket Design
MaterialStainless Steel
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Market Forge Industries FT-12CE Kettle
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