Metro C599-SFC-UPFSA C5™ 9 Series Controlled Humidity Heated Holding &

Made in USA
Metro C599-SFC-UPFSA C5™ 9 Series Controlled Humidity Heated Holding &
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Made inUSA
Width (in)30.00
Height (in)74.75
Depth (in)36.38
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Standard Features:
  • Top-Mounted Controls: Ergonomic user-friendly controls are mounted at the top of the cabinet for easier access, better readability, to prevent damage, and to simplify cleaning. 
  • Reliability: Reliability and durability are designed into C5 from the ground up. High-quality components and robust construction provide a long life of service and worry-free use. 
  • Temperature Priority: The C5 9 Series controller prioritizes heat generation over humidity generation assuring the cabinet holds food at the desired temperature, promoting food safety. 
  • Control: The intuitive 9 Series solid state controller provides continuous monitoring of both temperature and humidity, providing accurate control over the internal environment of the cabinet, resulting in better food quality. Actual temperature and relative humidity are measured, displayed, and controlled. 
  • Performance: Rapid heat-up and recovery times, and precise humidity control, are achieved with a digitally controlled dual-element ducted heating and humidity system. Intelligent power distribution maximizes efficiency and assures food is held at the desired temperature. Low water sensor and low temperature alarm assure cabinet is performing safely. 
  • Configurations: 
    • Materials: Stainless Steel and Aluminum. 
    • Sizes: Full Height, 3 /4 Height, 1 /2 Height, and Under Counter. 
    • Reach-In or Pass-Thru (not available on under counter and 3 /4 height). 
    • Doors: Full Length Solid, Full Length Clear, Dutch Solid, Dutch Clear. All are lift off and fi eld reversible. 
  • 9 Series Controller:
    • Intuitive: Easy-to-use controls that anyone can understand.
    • Temperature: Measures & displays actual cabinet temperature
    • Humidity: Measures and displays actual cabinet relative humidity.
    • Low-Temp Alarm: Assures cabinet is operating at desired temperature.
    • Temperature Priority: 9 Series controller generates heat before humidity for food safety.
    • Recall & Memory: View settings at the touch of a button. Settings are saved when turned off.
    • Low-Water Alarm: A safety feature that indicates when water is needed. Water element will not be energized when water is low.
  • 6" Casters (C5-6CASTER)
  • Small Item Shelf (C5-SHELF-S)
  • Rear Push Handle (C5-HANDLE)
  • Control Panel Cover (C5-COVER)
  • Factory Left Hand Hinging (DD3768)
  • Flush Door Latch (C5-LATCHFLUSH)
  • Drain Hose Adapter (C5-HOSEADPT)
  • 6" Stainless Steel Legs (C5-SSLEGS)
  • 5" Rear Rigid Casters (C5-5RDGCSTR)
  • Full Perimeter Bumper (C5-PERMBUMP)
  • Key Locking Door Latch (C5-LATCHLOCK)
  • Twist Locking Door Latch (C5-LATCHTWST)
  • Straight Plug, 20 Amp, 120V (C5-STRPLG-20)
  • Straight Plug, 15 Amp, 120V (C5-STRPLG-15)
  • Universal Slide Pair, chrome (C5-USLIDEPR-C)
  • Universal Slide Pair, stainless (C5-USLIDEPR-S)
  • Twist Lock Plug, 20 Amp, 120V (C5-RTWSTPLG)
  • Twist Lock Plug, 15 Amp, 120V (C5-RTWSTPLG-15)
  • Factory Same-Side Pass-thru Door Hinging (C5-SAMESIDE)
  • Stainless Steel Universal Slide Upgrades
    • ¾ Height (C5-USLIDE-7S)
    • ½ Height (C5-USLIDE-5S)
    • Full Height (C5-USLIDE-9S)
    • Under Counter (C5-USLIDE-3S)
  • Doors: 
    • Solid doors are fully insulated, double-panel construction. 
    • Clear doors are double-pane, tempered glass. Argon filled with Low-E coating. 
  • Handles: Four built-in polymer handles. 
  • Insulation: Full perimeter, 2.5" thick, high-density fiberglass.
  • Gaskets: High temperature, cabinet mounted, Santoprene gaskets.
  • Hinges: Self-closing, lift-off, double hinged, with long-life nylon bearings. 
  • Bumper/Drip Trough: Non-marking polymer bumper and drip trough combination. 
  • Latches: Chrome plated, high-strength magnetic pull latch with lever-action release. 
  • Display and Controls: Actual cabinet temperature and relative humidity display with individual control dials for each. 
  • Cabinet Material: Type 304 stainless steel; 20-gauge polished exterior; 22-gauge interior, or .063" aluminum, brushed exterior, natural interior. 
  • Casters: Four casters with 5" donut neoprene wheel, double ball bearing swivel, ball bearing axle, nickel plated, two with brake. 3" rubber casters on Under Counter models. 
  • Humidity Generation System: Closed loop controlled 1950 Watt heating element with ducted air system, low water sensor, and 4 1/2 gallon water reservoir (filled to 1/2" from top) with drain. 
  • Heat Generation System: Thermostatically controlled closed loop feedback with 1950 Watt heating element, ball bearing blower motor, and ducted air system. Low temperature alarm enable/disable. 
Latch options in lieu of standard
Panel cover
Hinging options
Plug options in lieu of standard
Casters & legs


Plug has the neutral blade rotated 90° and shifted so its inner edge is approximately 1⁄2 in (12.7 mm) from the hot blade



UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approval for the US and Canada



This mark is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today.

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Metro C599-SFC-UPFSA C5™ 9 Series Controlled Humidity Heated Holding &
C599-SFC-UPFSA C5™ 9 Series Controlled Humidity Heated Holding &
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