Lenny Teller

Contract, Design Engineering Specialist

Lenny Teller

I am a contract/design/engineering specialist at the N.Y.C -based E. Friedman Associates/Ckitchen.com. My career has evolved into "a task of love." Anyone that knows The Food Service Industry should know that being a DSR/ Consultant results in a 'give it all you've got' approach, and that sets the pace.  Over many years of service, I have climbed from the bottom rung of the career ladder to the head of E. Friedman's Contract/Design Department.  With this our C/D department handles a wide range of foodservice type scenarios.  We are  responsible for many millions of dollars in projects annually. 
  Being a Food Service Equipment specialist is about offering the client sound professional advice. Accuracy is always first and foremost in business relationships. Considering that the expansive equipment product lines that we are dealing with involve electricity, water, drainage, fire safety, food safety, physical size, practical size, Plumbing, Electrical,and Mechanical Code compliance etc.... the more that one knows and has the ability to convey with accuracy,... the stronger the bond will be with the client that will result from a successful FS operation installation. 
Having spent over 4 decades in this business thus far, and with that alone being said, to further gain the most current updates and innovations me and our team members participate in Webinars and take additional industry courses as well as reviewing industry publications. All these are a regular part of expanding the knowledge base.
There are always new innovations, technologies and challenges to meet, so it never gets boring. 

Our Contract/Design Department has solid experience with all types of foodservice operations, from restaurants to hotels and from hospitals to institutions. Our policy is that it's "hands on" from the beginning to the end of each project.  Integrity is the key to our success. 

There are always new innovations, technologies and challenges to meet in our industry, so it really never gets boring.

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