VP  Michael Newman

Michael Newman

Sales Consultant

Michael Newman

Commercial Food Service equipment Sales Consultant representing all major brands and types of commercial food service equipment.  Experienced in the commercial and retail food service industry since 1999.

What customers say about Michael

Great customer service


The shipping took longer than expected, Covid? but *** kept in touch with me all the way. Great price, Great service. I will defiantly use them again


Excellent service, great communication with the client.


Good customer service


Loving working with your team! That will be great if you can have a warehouse and allow us to pick up Star units from there, this will help us to reduce transportation costs. Thank you for considering this.


Great job on ordering and getting our new utility sink delivered. Would do business with CKitchen again. Highly recommended!


I highly recommend this company... will definitely do busy again. Terrific customer service!


The Salesman was fine the company as far as delivery on time was not..


Quote and payment service ok, but we had a problem with the freight and the ice machine came all damaged, you guys solve it in two weeks but i ask for the TMEC certificate of origin, and it has been three weeks and i can't have it, so i can't import the ice machine, since i bought it two months ago, i haven't use it because it is in customs waitting for the certificate of origin. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks


Excellent in all respects. The manufacturer selling quantum wire shelving could benefit by improving the product packaging for one or two self quantities as they are easily bent in transit.


The customer support and sales team were great at locating me a freezer when the one I ordered had a long lead time. They did an outstanding job! Thank you!




I ordered what I wanted. They charged me for it. It arrived. Everything went perfectly. Simple.


Great customer support! Michael at CKitchen has been very helpful at guiding me to the right product for my project. Thank you!


I have ordered multiple times. Excellent prices with excellent product. Quickly took care of any issues.


My contact at "CKitchen.com" was *** He was very knowledgeable in the products the company builds and explained the procedure in detail to satisfy all my questions. I continued to receive relevant information to the point of delivery. The entire procedure was straightforward, simple. That's how a company gets excellent marks. I highly recommend CKitchen.com.


Questions answered and web site easy to use. The prices may not always be lower although most of the time they are. Updated on shipping status of equipment and called back from sales to verify orders. So yes I always recommend CKitchens and the people. Thank you for making it easy ordering my kitchen equipment.


Sales did a great job


Micheal did a great job


Worked with one of the reps for several months(length of time was my fault) on a 60" stainless range. The rep was very helpful and responded quickly with all requests. I finally made the decision on a Southbend, one of 3 that I was looking at but the one I needed had to have a 3/4" gas connection. I requested a final price for all requested options and he sent that out. I went to our accounting department for approval and submitted the order. The rep sent me an older quote and it was a few *** dollars less than required as Southbend did a mid-year price increase. He informed me thru email that the quote was short and also contacted me via phone to explain the price increase. I got approval again for the higher price and everything was smooth after that.

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