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Have Ice-Cold Beer Always On Tap with Beer Coolers and Beer Dispensers

Beer Dispensers

Beer Dispensers

Beer dispensers are versatile beer coolers that provide a single solution for storing and dispensing draft beer and other beverages from behind the bar.
Club Top Beer Dispensers

Club Top Beer Dispensers

Club top dispensers pack the ideal chilled storage solution for both beer kegs and glassware in a single-footprint package.
Outdoor Kegerators

Outdoor Kegerators

Outdoor kegerators are beer dispensers that are perfect for use in outdoor catering events, buffets, and parties.


Black beer dispensers and coolers with vinyl laminate won’t show smudges and scratches to maintain polished appearance.
Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel beer dispensers and coolers boast a rugged, corrosion-resistant construction that won't easily dent or rust.
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Beer Dispensers: Pour A Pint to Success

Commercial beer coolers, otherwise known as draft beer dispensers or kegerators, are refrigerated units set up behind the bar for cooling and dispensing beers. By keeping your beers at the ideal temperature, you can always be confident that every pint you serve your guests will taste nothing short of amazing. You can use a draft beer cooler in your bar, restaurant, food truck, or pub to deliver fresh draft beer to your customers in seconds.

Commercial beer cooler comes with couplers that use pressurized gas, which is often nitrogen, CO2 or regular air, to push the beer out of the keg. Most units hold between one (1) and five (5) half-barrel kegs. Beer dispensers will typically have one to four refrigerated cabinets for separate storage of the kegs.

Most of the time, the storage sections can accommodate the same size of kegs, but there are beer dispensers that accept non-standard sizes. Don't forget to check the width of the beer dispenser to make sure you can fit the beer brands you plan to serve.

The beer towers in which you can dispense the beer may have single or double faucets to support the pace and demand of your operation. The number of towers and the faucets will let you know how much product you serve. Single-faucet beer coolers typically have casters, so you can basically create a portable bar out of it.

Most beer dispensers feature a heavy-duty stainless steel top to provide a workspace that is not only sturdy but also easy to keep clean especially in between orders or shifts. Features like self-closing doors and extra storage capacity also further your ability to streamline your operation and maximize the footprint. There are beer coolers that can also be used to store, chill, and dispense other beverages like wine, coffee, and other nonalcoholic beverages, making them highly versatile as well. 

Many of our beer coolers are also designed to meet Energy Star standards to help lower your energy consumption and environmental footprint while maintaining high-quality performance.

Different Beer Dispensers for Different Needs

When it comes to beer dispensers, commercial environments require heavy-duty components and parts that are easy to clean and replace. This saves you from spending an inordinate amount of time cleaning the unit so your focus stays on serving customers with delicious beer.

Commercial applications also mean having the option to have several varieties of beer on draft. For small bars, food trucks, and home brewers, a half-barrel draft beer cooler may be the smarter choice. For bustling bars and restaurants, larger styles that can hold as many as five half-barrels at a time will serve you better. These beer dispensers will also support much larger operations that offer a bigger variety of beers on draft at any given time.

CKitchen carries a wide selection of beer coolers Beverage-Air, Glastender, Turbo Air, Everest, Hoshizaki, Krowne, Master-Bilt, Perlick, and many other trusted brands. Our commercial beer coolers are thoughtfully engineered to help you improve your foodservice operation and provide excellent customer service. If you're not sure which unit to get, feel free to contact us so we can assist you in making the right purchase for your needs.

If you are looking for beverage dispensers, reach-in and walk-in beer refrigerators, and other bar equipment, CKitchen has an array of products that you can choose from. 

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