Kitchen Uniforms
Taking Foam Out of the Equation
Deck vs Convection Ovens
Hot Food Holding Cabinets
Grease Traps
Commercial Smokers
Generation Z in the Restaurant Workforce: How to Keep Young Foodservice Employees Happy
Fun Kids’ Menu Ideas
3 Dessert Ideas for the Grill
Cleaning and Maintaining Stainless Steel
From Online Traffic to Brick-and-Mortar Sales
Must Have Autumn Drinks
High-Quality Restaurant Equipment Can Make Work Easier for Chefs
Appetizer Ideas for Fall
Avoid Leaving Lumps in Your Cookies
Convenience Store Solutions
Autumn in the Restaurant Menu. Delicious Pumpkin Recipes
 Improving Customer Service
Breads and Biscuits
Kitchen Display: From Back to Front
Ice Machines Keep a Catered Affair Running Smoothly
Snub Smoking in the Workplace
Sweet Potato Mash Recipe
How Your Equipment Affects Your Food’s Flavor, Yield, and Your Bottom Line
A Vegetable Dryer May Be Just What You Need
How to Buy a Convection Oven for Your Foodservice Establishment
Gas Equipment Extras
What Can I Do About My Drafty Dining Room
Invest in a Rice Cooker for Increased Convenience in the Kitchen
Kids’ Zone in Restaurants
Protect Workers with Your Equipment
Waste Management and Hidden Costs
Wholesale - A New Frontier for Restaurants
5 Tips for Photographing Food in Restaurants
Quality Restaurant Storage Equipment Promotes Positive Reputation
What to Look for When Purchasing a Walk-In Freezer
Unique Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen
Using Football 'Fan Engagement' Tactics for Your Restaurant
How Your Restaurant Equipment Can Make for Some Unique Options at the Bar
3 Tips for Opening a Street Food Business
The Basics
7 Coffee Shop Trends to Watch Out for in 2019
Gas vs Electric Equipment for your Kitchen
How to Choose the Location for a Restaurant
 Ways to Turn Your Bar into a Traditional Irish Pub
Google Analytics: A Quick Primer for Restaurants
 There Is Never Enough Fried Food in the World
Increase Customer Impulse Buys with Display Bins
Choosing Tabletops
Guide to Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers
Correctional Facility Foodservice Needs
HACCP: Hand Washing
How to Buy a Food Mixer for Your Foodservice Establishment
Understanding Stainless Steel
Understanding the HACCP System
Freshen Your Menu: Gluten-free Items
Blending Flavor and Function
 4 Staff Management Tips to Avoid High Employee Turnover Rates
Show Gratitude to Those Who Support Your Business
The Most Important Meal of the Day
All-Day Breakfast
Braising Techniques for Ribs
Start Seeing Less of Your Spouse!
Food Rethermalizers - More than just a fancy name!
Customer Responsibilities
Self-Refrigerated Units Can Keep Ice Cream Cold For Hours
Better Ingredients? Fast Food Patrons Demand It
HACCP: Water Management
Kicking the Discounts
Cage-Free Eggs
Kitchen Design: Air Curtains
Low Sodium Doesn't Have to Mean Low Flavor
Food Trucks: A Fad, or Here to Stay
Old Space, New Restaurant
5 of the Best Foods to Try in Charleston
Did You Know? : Freshness Monitoring Systems (FMS)
Quality Restaurant Equipment
Apps for your Restaurant
ce Machines Are a Barista's Best Friend
Keep your Cakes Fresh in Refrigerated Display Cases
7 Tips for Designing an Attractive Restaurant Website
Restaurant Design Trends
How to Choose the Perfect Restaurant for Your Business Meeting
Work Clothes for Workplace
Oatmeal Working Overtime
Promotional Ideas for Your Restaurant
Grocery Store Restaurants
Setting Tables for Success
Using Social Media to Your Advantage
Stock Up On Stock Pots
A Hidden Money-Maker!
'Green' Foodservice Myths
IRS Section 179 Capital Equipment Deduction
Lava Cake Recipe
Energy Costs and Calculations
Hands-Free Sinks and Automatic Soap Dispensers
HACCP: Processing
Let's Toast to Toasters
Dough Sheeters Can Be a Great Piece of Restaurant Equipment
Saving Space with Seating Capacity
Profits for Your Restaurant
Condiment Stations
Strip Heaters and Bar Warmers
Recipes: Summer Side Dishes
 Small Plate, Big Impact
High-Volume Prep Equipment
The Right Food Processor Can Be a Great Addition to Your Restaurant Equipment
Bread Slicers Are Essential Restaurant Equipment for Artisan Bakers
 Why You Should Have a Disposer
Traveling with Food and Best Practices for Shipping Food
 Vegan Zucchini Bread Recipe
 Cook Pizza Like a Pro
Chemical vs. Hot Water Sanitizing
Avoiding Hidden Expenses
Buying Guide
Dough Sheeters
Mexican Menu
Pizzazz in Your Restaurant
Equipment for Your Breakfast Buffet
Buyers Guide Series: How to Buy a Broiler for Your Foodservice Establishmen
How To Make Your Menu Work For You
How Walk-In Units Can Help Your Restaurant to Be More Economical
Restaurants and Restrooms
Commercial Ranges Buying Guide
Induction Cooking 101
That's a Wrap! Adding Wrap Stations to Your Commercial Kitchen
Movie Theater Equipment
Bread Slicers
Hotels Need Energy-Efficient Restaurant Equipment
Braising Pans
Giving Back to the Community
 Portion Cost and Potential Profits
Choosing the Right food Slicer
 Keeping Your Menu and Social Media Fresh
Ice Types and Their Various Uses
Pumpkin-Inspired Recipes: Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Scones
Can Help Busy Bakers Get It Done in Time
 / Kitchen Design - Refrigerators, Freezers, and Ice Machines
Grill Buying Guide
Manitowoc's Focus on Innovation
The Line-Chef's Favorite Cutting Knife Alternatives
The Art and Science of Baking
Making the Best Burgers with Charcoal or Gas Grills
Quaternary Sanitation In Your Kitchen
Certain Meals Should Be Served on Ice
2014 Cocktail Winners
Millennials Influencing the Snacking Craze
Nixing the Table Condiments
A Guide to Various Styles of Coffee Makers
Commercial Ventilation Systems
Reduce Your Startup Costs
Ice Machines Contain Technology That Prevents Contamination
Are Small Appliances Really Necessary Pieces of Restaurant Equipment
Necessary Restaurant Equipment
EPA Proposes to Phase Out Refrigerant
What is Food Rethermalization?
Gas vs Electric Fryer
Dog Days of Summer
Kitchen Design - Layout of Work Tables
Urban Farming Project Raises Hope Alongside Doubt and Suspicion
 Do You Want Your Tap Beer Really Cold
3 Characteristics of an Authentic Irish Pub
 The Sauce Counts
Back to School Commercial Kitchen Style
Design Awards
The Cooler Side of Cooling
How C-Stores are Capturing the Millenial Market
Updating Your POS System
 Let Them Eat Cake
Cheese Melters vs Salamanders
Self Expression and Modern Dining
How to Design a Healthy Restaurant Men
Making Homemade Pasta Is a Breeze with the Right Restaurant Equipment
Flake Ice Can Enhance Restaurant Operations
Creative Valentine's Day Dishes for your Restaurant
Measuring Up to Excellence
Small Business Lease Options
Hoshizaki Ice Machines Are Great for Any Establishment
Pumpkin Baked Goods
New Developments in Commercial Reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers
How to Organize Your Walk in Cooler or Freezer
How to Make the Perfect Homestyle Pizza
Fryer Filtration
Choosing the Right Display Case
Successful Coffee Shops Open in Unique Locations
Suggestive Selling
Top Restaurant Complaints
Advances in Technology for Restaurants
Going Green with LEED
The Berkel 827E Helps to Make the Perfect Sandwich
Food Processors Allow Restaurants to Offer More
Hotel Lafayette Spends $10 Million on Restaurant Renovations
The Clock is Ticking!
Bake the Perfect Cupcake with the Right Restaurant Supplies
Life Hacks: Panini Grill
Increasing Ticket Averages and Tips
4th of July Entertaining
Food of trones
3 Tips for Opening a Street Food Business
Back to School Food
Making Waffles Has Never Been Easier than with a Commercial Waffle Maker
Seating Options for Your Bar Area
Marketing for the Seasons
Healthy Menus
Specialty Warewashers
How to Build a Content Strategy for Your Restaurant Website
Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot! Warming Shelves Are a Must-Have for Your Foodservice Business
The Art of French Cooking
The Basics of Ice Machine Maintenance
What to Do When You Don't Have Enough Freezer or Fridge Space
From Brick-and-Mortar to Food-on-Wheels
Kitchen Design Configurations
Kitchen Design - Storage
5 Marketing Tips for a Bar Owner
The Importance of Water Filters
Conveyor Cooking
Convenience Store Must-Haves
ow to Use a Walk-In Freezer
Help Restaurant Owners Buy in Bulk
Do I Really Need to Have a Vent Hood for a Dishwasher
Mixers Are the Important Pieces of Restaurant Equipment
Top 20 Drinks That Every Bar Needs
Freshen Your Menu: Salad Bars
Shying Away from the Brand
Alternate Uses for Restaurant Equipment
 How to Keep your Commercial Refrigerator Running
New Labeling Rule
Save Space and Money
Save Space and Increase Accessibility with Refrigerated Worktables
Big Chain vs. Traditional Pizza
HACCP for Small Restaurant Businesses
 lobster tails
Set Yourself Apart with Specialty Coffee Machines
Summer Trend: Custard, Ice Cream, and Frozen Yogurt
Commercial Refrigerators Help Restaurants Make Profit
Manitowoc 0% Financing
A Meat Grinder Is an Essential Piece of Restaurant Equipment
The Importance of Customer Satisfaction
Stock Your Kitchen with the Right Restaurant Equipment
Combi-Oven: Is it right for me
15 Food Safety Best Practices Every Foodservice Facility Must Observe
Alternate Uses for Commercial Refrigerators
 New Year, New Needs
Millennials Demanding Kid-Friendly Restaurants
Hospitality in the Kitchen: Where to Draw Lines
Seafood Ideas for Lent
Tips for Making the Perfect Crepes
Blend Vegetables, Fruit and More with a Food Processor
Portable Soak Sinks Can Help You Keep Your Produce Clean and Fresh
Decrease Preparation Time with the Dito Electrolux Tomato Slicer
Homemade Bread May Draw a Crowd
Convection vs Standard Ovens
Great Molecular Dishes
Restaurant Kiosks
3 of the Most Famous Pubs in New York
Dining in the Dark
Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Refrigerator Organized
Restaurants Owners Should Beware of Food Bloggers
Sound Matters: Reduce Noise Clutter in Your Kitchen
Should I Consider an Induction Range if I Have Natural Gas
Water-Saving Tips
Make Less Meat, Make More Money
Deep Fryers Can Help Restaurants Prepare for Spring Sports
Baking Made Easier with Dough Dividers
Bars, Vacations, and Restaurants
 Ice Machine Add-Ons
Be Careful Not to Overlook the Appeal of Comfort Foods
Soft Serve Machines: Performing Routine Maintenance
3D Mapping Trend
Be Careful Not to Overlook the Appeal of Comfort Foods
3 Ways to Cook a Hot Dog
Flat vs Char Grill
Dinner is Served! Necessary Serving Equipment for Your Restaurant
Chefs Need Preparation Tables in Their Restaurants
Providing Vegetarian Options for Religious and Cultural Holidays
Mixers Are the Important Pieces of Restaurant Equipment
Loan Deals in 2015
Essential Roasting Tools
Extending the Life of Your Knives
The Right Restaurant Can Grind the Perfect Sausage
Tips for Using Your Cook and Hold Oven
Cook Pizza Like a Pro
 Add Some Spanish Flare to Your Menu with Various Herbs and Spices
Convection Oven Basics
Counting Calories on a Restaurant Menu
Long-term Cost of Choosing Chemicals for Short-term Savings
Small Business Saturday
Plastic Cutting Boards Can Improve Any Kitchen
Snack Stands Can Use Meat Grinders to Provide Fresh Hamburgers
Choosing the Right Ice Machine
Meat Tenderizers Help You Make the Most of Your Product
Handling Cash Within a Restaurant
Great Salmon Recipe
Apple Watch for Chefs and Foodies
Brewing Coffee Like a Pro
Commercial Kitchen Equipment Trends
The Mussels in the Restaurant Kitchen
Top 7 Ice Cream Trends
Shipping Food
5 Shrimp Recipes You Can Try Out Today
Store Your Food Properly
5 Simple Lasagna Recipes
Tablet Menu for Your Restaurant
Eating Whole Foods
5 Mexican Recipes
5 Indian Fry Bread Recipes
Don’t Sacrifice Your Ice Machine Maintenance
Cooking Oil
Pasta Cookers
Walk-In Freezer to a Cooler
Let Them Eat Cake
Servicing Your Small Equipment
Food Recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Flavors Of Coffee
Coffee Equipment
Espresso 101
Serving and Selling Tea
Cold Weather Foods
Cake Decorating Basics
Conveyor vs Pizza Deck Ovens
Why Wine Connoisseurs Choose Hot Water Sanitizing
Sharpening Your Knives
4 Requirements for Keeping Your Restaurant's Storehouse Fresh
How to organize a Takeaway
Keeping Your Food Fresh Longer
How to open a Juice Bar
Turkey Burger Recipe
Apple Crisp Recipe
Guacamole Easy Recipe
Top 6 restaurant design trends
Fluffy Pancakes Recipe
French Cooking
Improve Restaurant Service
How to Open Cooking Lessons in Your Restaurant
Proper Etiquette in the Restaurant
Top 5 Cooking Questions
Tricks for Kitchen
Queen’s Cake Recipe
Kitchen Equipment to Help You Cook Smarter
The Perfect Brunch Dish
Convection Frying with a Combi Oven
Priority of lease equipment
Food Transparency
Embracing Change
Menu Analysis
Expand Your Career
National Beer Day
Pickled Palates
brunch ideas
Coachella Menu
Food Allergy Safe
Drive Up Sales at the Bar
Business Ethics
Edge of Competitive Design
The Technology of Today's Restaurant Equipment
Lemon benefits
Pricing Your Catering Menu
Decorative Heat Lamps
Eat Earth to Table Cooking Every Day
Three of the Best Ever April Fools Day Restaurant Promotions
Barding Cooking Technique
Veganise Your Restaurant Menu to Earth Day
The Blockchain of Food
Janitorial Checklist
Where Your Food Originated
Veganise Your Restaurant Menu to Earth Day
Dessert Recipes for International Women’s Day
Candy Making Tips for Women's Day
Green Dishes Ideas for St. Patrick's Day 2018
Oscars Gold Dishes
Foodservice Trends of 2018
7 Best Romantic Cocktails for Your Valentine’s Day Celebration
valentine's day design trends
Chocolate Salami recipe
5 Sauces to the 5 Best Dishes of 2018
Restaurant Equipment Trends of 2018
Snacks to Choose for Your Birthday
Food Stylists
10 Ways You Can Improve Your Restaurant in 2018
Instagram For Selling Your Culinary Creations
Creating a Mobile Restaurant Application
New Year Restaurant Party Ideas
How to Arrange a Delivery Service at Your Restaurant
New Year Gift Ideas for the Chef Who Has Everything
How to Update Your Restaurant to Winter Season
New Year Restaurant Design for Your Festive Table
Marketing Your Restaurant For The Holidays
12 Christmas Drinks from Shops to Table
Culinary Youtube Channel
The Best Drinks To Serve This Winter
Vegetarian Winter Dishes
Future Internet and Mobile Influencing of the Restaurant Menu Designs
Starting Growing for Your Restaurant
Foods to Put in Your Restaurant Menu This Autumn Season
Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner in Restaurant
How to cook lobster tails
 Social Networks Increase the Income of the Restaurant Business
 Restaurant's Menu for the Аutumn
how to cook fried rice
How to Choose the Location for a Restaurant
Great Ways to Market Your Restaurant for Fall
Time to Get Your Griddle On: 3 Tips for Opening a Street Food Business
Bar Supplies and Other Ways to Attract Customers to Your Bar
Top 10 Grilling Mistakes You’re Probably Making
5 Unique Japanese Cookie Dessert Recipes
Use Your Ice Machine to Make These 5 Refreshing Wine Smoothies
Different types of beer
How to Design a Restaurant Menu
Cook Pizza Like a Pro
10 Tips on Picking the Perfect Restaurant Name
How to Choose the Best Seafood for Your Restaurant
 Restaurant Interior Design: Colors and Design Play a Role in Your Business’s Branding
The perfect cheese for pizza
Top 10 Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes for Restaurants
How to Host Speed Dating at Your Restaurant

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When looking for a new food mixer to add to your commercial kitchen or replace an old model, you need to make sure your choice satisfies your specific needs and preferences. In this mixer buying guide, we share with you the different types of commercial mixers, the features you need to look for, and some tips for finding a mixer that suits your requirements.
Of course, commercial foodservice establishments are not entirely responsible for the obesity epidemic in the US. But restaurants still play a part in ensuring that their customers are eating delicious, healthy meals. It’s not just good for the national waistline; foodservice businesses are also benefitting from the switch to healthier menus. Research shows customers prefer to visit restaurants that have healthy meal options than those who don’t, resulting in larger foot traffic that leads to better sales and profits.

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