Converting Your Walk-In Freezer to a Cooler

After a few years in business, you may find that your needs have changed or that your original forecasts were slightly off. If you’ve purchased high-quality equipment, you’re probably having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that this equipment just may not be suitable for your needs! The upside to discovering this costly mistake is knowing that there may be other options aside from outfitting your kitchen with newer, more appropriate units. Your walk-in freezer can be refurbished into a walk-in cooler to reflect your restaurant’s needs, but it’s a little more complicated than simply turning up the temperature. Have a look at these tips to see if changing your freezer to a cooler is do’able and appropriate for your restaurant.

Oatmeal Working Overtime

When a versatile ingredient meets affordability, it typically becomes a favorite for restaurant owners and savvy customers alike. Oatmeal encompasses these qualities and has been around for ages, although many of the preparation methods have largely stayed the same. It’s time to revamp your menu with some interesting takes on oatmeal recipes, just in time for the cold weather seasons.

Small Business Saturday

As if you didn’t already have enough to prepare for this holiday season, Small Business Saturday is just around the corner! With the ability to attract new business and increase immediate sales, here are some innovative ways to reap the most benefits during Small Business Saturday.

Ice Types and Their Various Uses

Ice machines are a focal point in any professional kitchen, and now that summer is finally here, you may be looking to invest in a new one! Cold beverages, chilled food, and iced drinks all call for - you guessed it - ice. Ice machines have come a long way since they were first patented in 1851, and commercial ice makers now offer a variety of ice types. Knowing the difference in ice types and their various uses can help you choose the ideal ice maker for your business.


The equipment you outfit your kitchen with affects not only your immediate restaurant. In fact, the environmental impact of the appliances you choose can vary drastically! Sustainability is more than just saving the environment. By investing in environmentally-responsible foodservice equipment, you open a host of benefits from energy and money savings to waste and water reduction.

Why Wine Connoisseurs Choose Hot Water Sanitizing

When it comes to wine, there’s more that contributes to the finish of a wine than the wine itself. Wine connoisseurs prefer hot water sanitizing over chemical sanitizing in all circumstances, and your restaurant should take these experienced opinions seriously when handling wine glasses in the kitchen.

Conveyor vs Pizza Deck Ovens

If pizza is a common item on your menu, chances are that you’ll be looking to invest in a specialty oven (if you haven’t already!). There are two main types of ovens typically used for pizzerias: conveyor ovens and deck ovens. While both styles have unique benefits, their differences set them apart from one another, forcing restaurants to choose between the two based on their individual needs. The choice between conveyor and deck oven depends on your restaurant, your needs, and what you’re willing to compromise.

Better Ingredients? Fast Food Patrons Demand It

The demand for food transparency is leaving foodservice operators with a hard choice: Invest in better ingredients, or suffer the consequences.

Taking Foam Out of the Equation

From delivery to take-out to packaging customer leftovers, styrofoam boxes are an integral part of food transportation for many. As part of environmentally-friendly initiatives, many large cities are choosing to ban the use of foam containers altogether.

'Green' Foodservice Myths

ocial responsibility and environmental sustainability are at the forefront for restaurant owners, driving their choices in equipment and ingredients. But with any endeavour comes myths, inaccuracies, and misconceptions - and the ‘green’ foodservice industry is no different.

Serving and Selling Tea

Knowing how to sell and serve your selection of tea can make the difference between merely offering tea to making a profit.

Low Sodium Doesn't Have to Mean Low Flavor!

As trends continue towards healthier meal options, the cut-backs on sodium in foods is still in high demand. Customers seek nutritional information, and items notorious for having higher amounts of sodium are typically some of the first to hit the chopping block when it comes to decision time. 

Cold Weather Foods

Comfort foods shaped around richer, thicker, and more flavorful dishes should comprise the bulk of your fall and winter menu selections. If you haven’t already, start to warm up to the idea of a renovated menu for the cold weather seasons.

Cake Decorating Basics

For bakeries, creative desserts are old hat; for restaurants, the story may be quite different. Your chefs should have a well-rounded knowledge of basic cake decorating techniques, tools, and tips.

Kitchen Display: From Back to Front

Traditionally, restaurants have created clear boundaries between the front- and back-of-house operations by separating the kitchen from dining area. Consider bringing your closed-system kitchen out to the forefront and on display in your restaurant.

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot! Warming Shelves Are a Must-Have for Your Foodservice Business!

Heated shelves are very useful pieces of commercial equipment for your restaurant kitchen, concession stand, catered event, and the like. They are a great fit for buffet lines, pass-through areas, hors d'oeuvre displays, and workstations.

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot! Warming Shelves Are a Must-Have for Your Foodservice Business!

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Movie Theater Equipment

We’ve all walked into a theater to watch a movie and have spent more money on concessions than the movie tickets themselves. The fact of the matter is that a majority of the profits for theater owners comes from food sales. From drinks to popcorn to nachos and cheese, there are tons of options for theater concession stands to sell.

Mexican Menu

Tacos, fajitas, enchiladas: These foods all bring back spicy memories of menus south of the border. Whether you’re designing an entire menu with a Mexican flare or merely adding a hint of ethnic entrees to your lineup, there are a few essentials to keep in mind for your Mexican menu.

The Art and Science of Baking

Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, correctional facilities, and bakeries all have something in common: They utilize equipment for foodservice preparation. For many who choose to bake items fresh, they also have to have a little know-how on the art and science of baking!

Let Them Eat Cake!

Bakeries, cafes, and restaurants alike can see a boost in profits when they invest the time, energy, and effort into offering cake. 

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