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Food Preparation Equipment

Food Preparation Equipment

The Best Food Preparation Equipment For A Smoother Workflow

Common Questions About Food Preparation Equipment

If you are starting a new restaurant, cafe, or commercial kitchen, you will need a host of food prep tools and cooking equipment for your establishment. Commercial kitchen equipment is designed for low and high-volume commercial kitchen establishments. Choose the perfect commercial cooking equipment depending upon the type of your commercial establishment.  

There are many questions that customers have when it comes to commercial cooking equipment or prep tools. In this article, we try to address commonly asked questions regarding commercial equipment or food preparation tools for your establishment.

?What types of fruit/vegetable slicers and cutters are available?

There are various types of vegetable or fruit prep tools for you to choose from. You can use all-purpose general slicers to slice tomatoes, onions, apples, and other vegetables or fruits. You can also purchase specialty slicers, peelers, or shredders for other food products. Consider buying tomato slicers, lettuce shredders, and potato peelers. With vegetable choppers, you can chop vegetables for soups, entrees, and gravy. These choppers are perfect for dicing fruits into consistent pieces. You can use diced fruits or vegetables for garnishing dishes. Salad spinners are great for restaurants or food establishments that serve a variety of salads.

? Do I need a scale during food preparation?

Food scales are perfect for measuring ingredients. You can ensure consistency in taste and potions with food scales. With kitchen scales for baking, you can easily mix a consistent amount of ingredients to make perfect french macarons and blueberry cakes.

? What’s the difference between measuring cups and a kitchen scale?

With measuring cups, you can measure by volume, while kitchen scales measure by weight or total mass. Most professional chefs swear by digital kitchen scales over measuring cups, as kitchen scales are more accurate.

? Which one should I choose, commercial blender or immersion blender?

Immersion blenders are portable, and you can quickly blend ingredients with them. Immersion blenders can be used to mix food products directly in vessels. These blenders offer flexibility and enough power to blend through portions of different food products. Immersion blenders are perfect for baking and smoothing pots of soup. Commercial blenders are ideal for a variety of tasks. Make delicious smoothies, sauces, and soups with all-purpose commercial blenders. Choose from specialty smoothie blenders, food blenders, or drink blenders depending upon your needs. Specialty blenders are structurally distinct from regular blenders.

? What kind of prep equipment parts do I need for my restaurant?

Commercial kitchen equipment parts are essential for smooth operations. You will also need food prep supplies, accessories, and other replacement parts for your restaurant or commercial kitchen. Having a set of prep equipment parts like beaters, whisks, mixing bowls, discs, and blades will increase your efficiency or productivity.

? What are the core differences between meat processors and commercial slicers?

Commercial slicers are ideal for slicing or cutting prepared meat. You can make perfect slices of meat by using commercial slicers. Commercial slicers can also be used to slice cheese, bread, or other food products. With meat processors, you can break down large portions of meat into perfectly cut steaks or meat cubes. You can use the processed meat for making delicious patties for burgers and stew. Deli slicers are ideal for cutting cooked meat and cheese. Meat grinders are perfect for grinding huge chunks of meat at a time.