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A Guide to Choosing Blenders
A Guide to Choosing Blenders

Blenders are used around the commercial kitchen to create a variety of dishes and menu items. From smoothies to sauces, blenders are a great tool for spicing up your menu and improving customer satisfaction. If you’re a veteran, then you know the drill - but if you’re new to using a blender, then it’s important to note that there’s more to it than simply adding ingredients and pushing the ‘blend’ button.

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A Guide to Choosing Food Processors
A Guide to Choosing Food Processors
Food processors and blenders are not one in the same, as blenders require some sort of liquid to keep food moving through the blades. Food processors, on the other hand, have a flat bottom and thus do not need additional liquid. Read More
Slicer Buying Guide
Slicer Buying Guide
Slicers are built as either belt driven or gear driven. Gear driven slicers are supposed to last longer because the gear mechanisms are sturdier. Read More
Buying Guide: How to Buy a Food Mixer for Your Foodservice Establishment
Buying Guide: How to Buy a Food Mixer for Your Foodservice Establishment
In this mixer buying guide, we share with you the different types of commercial mixers, the features you need to look for, and some tips for finding a mixer that suits your requirements. Read More
Did You Know: Dough Sheeters Cleaning
Did You Know: Dough Sheeters Cleaning

Kitchen space is a commodity for many restaurants, so investing in equipment that can do the job of several pieces of machinery can save precious space while cutting costs. From bakeries to pizzerias, restaurants should consider investing in a dough sheeter to boost production and decrease labor costs.

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Food Preparation Equipment Recent Reviews
Rie R (Gardena, California)
My customer is happy about the order.
Jeff G (Greer, South Carolina)
Awesome machine for a small footprint
Jose G (Plantation, Florida)
Very good job
Roger N (Sugar Land, Texas)
Good Quality
Robert C (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
It’s everything promised.
David Y (Portland, Oregon)
Grid does not perform as product info would have you believe. Shows that it will process cheese which Electrolux now informs me it can't
Kourtney S (Santa Barbara, CA)
I would recommend this to my other friends in the restaurant business
Elliot F (Brooklyn, New York)
Low cost (from Hobart standards) but heavier duty than cheap knock offs. Good value for the money!
joanne a (attleboro, Massachusetts)
this was purchased as a gift so I do not know the quality first hand but the recipient seems very pleased with it.
Neil S (Santa Ana, California)
This is a wonderful grinder. It is quiet and powerful. The multi-language instructions are a bit cryptic, but it isn't a very complicated machine. We use it for powdering plants and it is much faster than the smaller units we have used.
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