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The Art of the Perfect Sandwich

The perfect sandwich is a conglomerate of all the right ingredients and cooking methods smooshed into one delicious delicacy. For some, it’s considered a true artform!

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High-Volume Prep Equipment

Peak hours and busy restaurants benefit the most from equipment that cuts down on time and increases efficiency. Fortunately, the restaurant industry leaders have spoken, and commercial kitchen equipment suppliers responded by providing equipment that helps to cut down on prep time and effort!

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Meat Preparation Equipment

Many operators choose to purchase meats in bulk to save on costs. While this can save money, the reality is that you will need to invest in specialty equipment in order to get the meat from bulk form into succulent tenderloins, ground burgers, or thick filets. Here are a few of our favorites from CKitchen.

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Food Preparation Equipment Recent Reviews
Elliot F (Brooklyn, New York)
Low cost (from Hobart standards) but heavier duty than cheap knock offs. Good value for the money!
joanne a (attleboro, Massachusetts)
this was purchased as a gift so I do not know the quality first hand but the recipient seems very pleased with it.
Atilla o (arlington, Massachusetts)
Cost effective product that restaurants and bakeries may use. Robot Coup was better but price is really high. If the reliability is as good, this is a perfect buy.
David Y (Portland, Oregon)
Grid does not perform as product info would have you believe. Shows that it will process cheese which Electrolux now informs me it can't
Neil S (Santa Ana, California)
This is a wonderful grinder. It is quiet and powerful. The multi-language instructions are a bit cryptic, but it isn't a very complicated machine. We use it for powdering plants and it is much faster than the smaller units we have used.
William C (Castle Pines, Colorado)
We use this machine 8 hours a day, six days a week without problems for several years. This is our 3rd one, 2nd of this exact M/N. We have the machines maintained once a year including removing and regreasing the bearings.
Maher J (Mississauga, Ontario)
Total assistance.
Efficient and easy to use
Han V (Helotes, Texas)
Very good product
Kathy R (Richardson, Texas)
we have only had the Electrolux 6 months and the bowl cracked. I wish it was a bit more durable. We use daily to process ingredients for baking.
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