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Varimixer Commercial Kitchen Mixers Recent Reviews
Kendall Black
This has some really great qualities - filling chute, automatic bowl lift, speed control, digital timer. Love them all. This works wonderfully. Very heavy duty and serves its purpose well.
Amelia R
This mixer is just the right size, and exactly what we needed. It was delivered very quickly, and the assembly was extremely easy for us to handle on our own. We are very happy with the product and the overall service we received. Thank you again.
a little more pricey than others, but the awesome features make it well worth the money. no regrets. i suggest others make this great investment.
so much room in this one. very heavy duty. love the guard and other features. great product overall
Michael Slater
We just traded our old mixer in for this one, and couldn't be happier with the new brand. All of the features on it are exactly as described. Works like a charm. Highly recommended.