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Commercial Meat Tenderizers: Quality Cooking

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Commercial Meat Tenderizers: Quality Cooking

CKitchen.com offers the best electric and manual meat tenderizers and tenderizing equipment for kitchen, restaurants, supermarkets, and other food preparation institutions. Chefs tenderize meat such as steak and chicken breast before cooking, to make it softer and more suitable for consumption. When you take the time to tenderize meat, it cooks faster and tastes better, improving your overall productivity and the quality of the dishes you serve.

A commercial tenderizer is a must-have tool at any kitchen or restaurant as it provides a way for chefs to easily tenderize the meat. This is the process of softening the meat fibers and converting a connective tissue in the meat called collagen into gelatin. This allows moisture to penetrate the meat and in turn, making the meat juicier. Tenderizing is especially useful when working with tough cuts of meat, as you will see an instant improvement in quality.

The most affordable commercial meat tenderizers are manually operated. Small handled meat tenderizers, which are more popularly called meat mallets, are used to crush small cuts of meat. Another type of manual tenderizer comes with a row of stainless steel blades. For tendering larger cuts of meat of time, you can find crank-operated meat tenderizers here on CKitchen as well. Electric meat tenderizers are the best options for heavy-duty use. These models make the process much faster with greater capacity and reduced labor required.

We carry the most trusted names in the food preparation industry so that you can get a high-quality product that can make a difference in your operation. These are dependably constructed, easy-to-clean meat tenderizers designed to make your kitchen more productive.

CKitchen.com offers the best food preparation and restaurant equipment for any kitchen equipment need. Take time to call one of our certified foodservice equipment consultants to find out more about meat tenderizer or any other kitchen equipment.

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