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Prepare Slices of Meat For Easy Cooking and Consumption With Manual Meat Tenderizers

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Manual Meat Tenderizers For Better-Tasting Meals

Manual meat tenderizers offer an affordable and convenient way for operators to create a better dining experience for customers and a simpler cooking session for the kitchen staff. If you want to serve your guests with protein meals they will enjoy, it is important to tenderize the meat so that it is easier to chew and digest.

The meat tenderizing process also enhances the quality of tough cuts of meats and also makes them easier to cook, so that you are confident that the meats on your dishes are delicious and enjoyable to eat. By adding manual tenderizers to your food prep system, you will drastically improve the quality of the food that goes out of your kitchen.

A manual meat tenderizer is a vital kitchen tool that allows you to tenderize meats conveniently. it is sometimes called meat mallet because it looks and functions very much like a mallet for your cube steaks and chicken breasts. The meat mallet is the most common type of meat tenderizer with one side of the hammer flat and the other with small depressions, which when hit against a piece of meat, softens its fibers.

Another type of manual meat tenderizer comes with a row of sharp blades, typically made of stainless steel connected to an ergonomic handle. Most handheld manual meat tenderizers are dishwasher-safe so they are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your meats are safely tenderized.

If you are looking for heavy-duty meat tenderizers that can tenderize a block of meat, there are crank-operated units that come with a sliding blade carriage and blade assembly of 32 to 48 blades, and additional features such as fully enclosed springs to prevent jamming that could come from the moisture f the meat entering. These mat tenderizers are designed to be easy to disassemble so that each component can be washed and cleaned thoroughly.

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