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Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers FAQ’s

Commercial refrigerators are freezers designed for small and high-scale food service establishments. They are perfect for restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, and institutions. Depending upon the size of your commercial establishment, you can choose a restaurant refrigerator that suits your business needs. Large refrigerators are ideal for high-volume restaurants and institutions that cater to hundreds of patrons daily. Smaller models are perfect for small cafes, diners, or small convenience stores.

Compact commercial refrigerators are aesthetically pleasing, and you can purchase one depending upon your requirements. You can purchase specialty commercial refrigeration units for your establishment. There are a lot of questions or queries that customers have when it comes to refrigeration for commercial settings. In this article, we try to address commonly asked questions.

How Do Commercial Refrigerators Compare to Residential Ones?

Commercial refrigeration equipment is designed for heavy-duty usage, while residential refrigerators are designed for homes and personal usage. The body of commercial fridges is made from stainless steel for durability. These units are designed to withstand spills and heavy use for a prolonged period. Additionally, they have better cooling capacity than regular household refrigerators.

Commercial refrigeration units have highly efficient cooling systems which help in storing food items at ideal temperatures. They can quickly cool food items and maintain the temperature level throughout the day. Commercial refrigeration equipment is made for heavy usage, while residential refrigerators are not designed for rigorous usage. The commercial units are designed keeping in mind health and safety regulations.

How Does a Commercial Refrigerator Expansion Valve Work?

Commercial refrigeration units with TXV or ‘Thermal Expansion Valves’ are entirely different from standard residential or household refrigerators. Fridges that come equipped with thermal expansion valve meters include a refrigerant that is used to cool the refrigerator unit. These units are highly efficient and can dynamically adjust the cold air in the refrigerator unit. The standard capillary tube systems used in regular refrigerators are designed for continuous flow of same-level refrigerant. These units cannot adjust the amount of refrigerant used for cooling. TXV commercial refrigerators and freezers are costlier than standard models and they come equipped with additional features for fast and efficient cooling.

What are the Benefits?

Commercial refrigerators come equipped with a host of features. These units are particularly designed for commercial foodservice establishments. Most commercial refrigerators and freezers are sturdier than standard ones. They have a higher cooling capacity to store large volumes of food products. The structure is usually made from durable materials that are highly insulated. These are designed specifically to retain coldness and withstand heavy usage. As the doors of most commercial refrigerators are opened multiple times during the day, they are made from high-quality insulated material. Another benefit of commercial refrigerators and freezers is that the manufacturers cover essential parts and services during warranty tenure. However, these warranties do not cover residential refrigerators used in a commercial setting. Also, any insurance claim arising from a household refrigerator used in an environment will lead to the rejection of your claim.

What are the Different Types of Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers?

There are different types of commercial refrigeration equipment available in the market. Here, we highlight some popular units that you can purchase for your commercial foodservice establishment:

Reach-In Refrigerators
Such are perfect for large establishments. These units come with stainless or glass doors for retaining the temperature. You can purchase a reach-in refrigerator with a top-mounted or a bottom-mounted compressor. Reach-in coolers with top-mounted compressors are more efficient than bottom-mounted models.

Merchandising Refrigerators
Display refrigerator units are perfect for convenience stores, bars, pubs, and cafes. With merchandising refrigerator units, you can showcase different types of beverages or food products. Most merchandising refrigerators come equipped with glass doors that can be accessed by customers and staff. Air curtain merchandiser units come without any panel or door; these are perfect for convenience stores or grocery stores. Merchandising refrigerators with glass doors can come with top-mounted or bottom-mounted compressors.

Countertop Refrigerators and Freezers
They are extremely portable and can be placed on countertops in your establishment. These compact units are designed ergonomically to fit in tight spaces. Most of them are only 27 inches deep but can store various food products depending upon your needs. Some countertop units come equipped with LED panels, an interior LED lighting system, and a highly efficient compressor. With this countertop refrigerated merchandiser, you can sell prepackaged beverages or food items. You can also purchase specialty countertop refrigeration units like countertop beer refrigerators, wine refrigerators, and refrigerators designed for storing chocolates.

Commercial Walk-In Coolers & Freezers
These are ideal for institutions, large restaurants & fast-food joints. Commercial walk-in coolers are highly efficient and can store large quantities of food at a time. These units can store food products for months at a time. They come equipped with adjustable hinges, a thermostat, gaskets, and latches to prevent energy loss. For safety purposes, it has an anti-locking system to prevent employees from getting stuck inside the refrigerator.

Undercounter Refrigerators
The units are perfect for bars, pubs, commercial kitchens, food trucks, and fast food joints. They can be placed below your bar or kitchen counter. They save up space and can act as a secondary refrigeration unit for your food or beverage establishment. In bars, you can store different kinds of beer or liquor in under-counter refrigerators. You can also refrigerate milk, prepackaged beverages, and other foods in these units that come equipped with multiple compartments to store different food products separately.

Worktop Refrigerators and Freezers
These worktop units combine refrigerated storage &smp; work surfaces to utilize the available space and come equipped with a refrigerated base to store food products in chilled conditions. You can also use the top of the worktop unit for making any dish or for any other purpose. Worktop units increase your commercial food establishment’s efficiency, as you can take out the ingredients from the refrigerated case and use it to make delicious dishes on the worktop.

Are Commercial Refrigerators Energy Efficient?

Even though commercial refrigeration equipment cost more than regular household refrigerators, they are more economical over time. Parts used in making commercial refrigerators and freezers are durable and are designed for rigorous use. These units are more rigid than regular refrigerator units. Commercial refrigerators are specifically used for high-volume scenarios. The units are insulated and can retain heat, and this leads to less use of the compressor.

Also, you can save thousands of dollars in energy bills by using commercial coolers and refrigerators for your establishmentbecause of them ‘Energy Star’ certification. With ‘Energy Star’ ratings, you can compare the energy efficiency of commercial and residential refrigerators. Restaurant refrigerators are specifically tested to ensure they are energy efficient and adhere to all U. S. Department of Energy regulations.

How Long does an Industrial Fridge Last?

Commercial refrigerators are meant to last for a long time. They are built for durability and performance.

Commercial fridges can last for 7 to 10 years with proper care and service on average. Some units can be used for an even longer duration.

What are the Most Common Problems?

Commercial units are highly efficient, but there are some issues that a restaurant owner or business owner should know about before purchasing one:

Overload or Overstuff
Never overload or overstuff your restaurant refrigerator. There are significant cooling-related issues you will face if the unit is overstuffed. The compressor tends to overcompensate to cool down the excess items in the refrigerator.

Uneven Distribution
If the food products are stored unevenly, then there may be some areas of the refrigerator that will be warmer. To solve this issue, store water in jugs to distribute the cold air evenly. These jugs will absorb the cold air and emit it evenly throughout the refrigerator. This process lessens the pressure on the compressor, and the unit can maintain the desired ideal temperature.

There are a lot of components in a commercial refrigerator, and cleaning them regularly will make it more efficient. For example, condenser coils are one of the vital parts of a commercial refrigeration equipment. Over time, the coil gets blocked by debris or foreign particles that lead to inefficient cooling. Eventually, the unit will not hold the desired temperature and overcompensate to maintain the temperature equilibrium.

This cleaning process should be conducted every 6 to 8 months of usage. During cleaning, make sure to use an alternative cooling system to store the existing contents of the refrigerator.

What is a restaurant-grade refrigerator?

It is a cold storage unit capable of storing large volumes of material at optimal temperatures to ensure they stay fresh and usable. It is available in several models such as reach-in, roll-in, drop-in, pass-through, under-counter, and merchandiser varieties.

Condenser types also vary, with air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote cooled options available in most restaurant-grade refrigeration units. These refrigerators are best suited for high-volume commercial kitchens that need to store and access large quantities of material daily.

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