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Serving and Selling Tea

Knowing how to sell and serve your selection of tea can make the difference between merely offering tea to making a profit.

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Tea Time!

Hot beverages are the name of the game during cold-weather seasons, and while the more obvious coffee and espresso drinks are sure to grace most menus, many forget the value of adding tea to the mix.

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Fall Craft Beverages

Fall is finally in full swing, and consumers are already revving up for holiday beverages. Your beverage selection allows for creativity, and sprucing up your fall craft beverages is necessary in today’s restaurant business.

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Soft Serve Machines: Performing Routine Maintenance

Here are a few maintenance tips for your soft serve machine as reviewed and confirmed by Jeff Resnick with Spaceman USA.

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2014 Cocktail Winners

If your restaurant serves cocktails, then having a well-rounded selection of classic favorites and trendy mixes is the key to increasing your margin of profit and boosting sales. For the perfect cocktail, it requires a skilled bartender and knowledgeable creator. Restaurant Hospitality has selected their 29 favorites from 2014, and the list is interesting, creative, and delicious! 

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Maria O'Connell
Perfect addition to the diner. All employees were very pleased as well. thank you!
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