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Ice Cream Hardening Cabinets

Ice Cream Hardening and Holding Cabinets Protect and Prolong The Freshness And Quality Of Your Ice Cream

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    Ice Cream Hardening Cabinets: Maintaining Product Integrity

    Sometimes referred to as blast chillers, ice cream hardening cabinets are designed to bring down the temperature of food rapidly. It breaks through the layer of warm air surrounding the products to ensure thorough and effective cooling. This also prevents large ice crystals, which negatively affect the creaminess of the ice cream.

    An ice cream hardening cabinet is no doubt the perfect first destination for all your freshly made ice cream because you can essentially seal in the original qualities and reduce the growth of bacteria that could cause premature spoilage. Ice cream hardening cabinets are the ideal holding cabinets for ice cream as well as they are powerful enough to maintain the cold temperature and extend the life of your ice cream without drastic effects on its texture, flavor, and overall quality.

    Ice cream hardening cabinets here on CKitchen come from top refrigeration manufacturers in the industry namely Global Refrigeration and Master-Bilt. These units are heavy-duty and solidly made to perform in tough environments. These ice cream hardening cabinets are available in single and double sections, offering up large and adjustable space to fit gallons of your delicious ice cream creations.

    If you need any assistance in making your selection, we have a team of friendly and knowledgeable foodservice consultants dedicated to providing an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping.

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