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Buying Guide: How to Choose Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Combination Boxes for Your Foodservice Establishment
Buying Guide: How to Choose Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Combination Boxes for Your Foodservice Establishment

Exploring the nitty-gritty of walk-in refrigeration equipment-from storage capacity, construction to refrigeration system-to identify the unit that is best for your operation.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying A Walk-In Cooler or Freezer
Walk-In Coolers

Commercial Walk-in Coolers: What You Need to Know

Commercial walk-in coolers are an essential piece of equipment for commercial foodservice establishments. You can store high volumes of food products in these commercial walk-in coolers. You can extend the lifespan of raw food products and pre-cooked foods with commercial walk-in coolers. They help in cutting down on food wastage. With refrigerators and freezers, you can store food at ideal temperatures for a prolonged period.

You can purchase walk-in coolers and freezers with side or top-mounted compressors. Choose between various types of walk-in coolers for your commercial establishment, including an indoor walk-in cooler or an outdoor walk-in cooler. Outdoor models are perfect for commercial establishments with limited indoor space. Walk-in coolers can include condensers that are designed for refrigeration or freezing.

Common Questions Regarding Walk-in Coolers

? Do you need a floor to set up a walk-in cooler?

You can set up walk-in coolers in places without floors. But it is more economical and efficient if you place walk-in coolers on concrete floors or other durable floors. Concrete floors can withstand heavy usage, and they do not get damaged due to condensation. You will need concrete floors for freezers, refrigerators which need carts, pallet jacks, and hand trucks.

? Can I use walk-in freezers to refrigerate food?

The refrigeration systems in walk-in freezers are designed for freezing temperatures. Walk-in freezers do not allow higher temperatures for refrigeration purposes. You will need separate refrigerated units like walk-in coolers or refrigerators to store food products above freezing temperatures.

? How cold is a walk-in freezer?

Walk-in freezers can store foods below freezing temperatures. According to FDA guidelines, walk-in freezers should be able to store frozen food below 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

? How to prevent cold air from escaping from walk-in freezers?

You can prevent cold air from escaping walk-in coolers when they are used frequently. Most commercial walk-in freezers and walk-in units can be outfitted with affordable plastic strips on the front; also, you can invest in an air door that can create a separate air curtain which will lead to energy savings in the long term. It also prolongs the lifespan of the compressor by decreasing the stress on the compressor motor.

Additionally, you can prevent food decay by keeping warm air out of the cooler. It can also reduce condensation and water pooling inside the walk-in freezer. Walk-in freezer units with air doors or plastic strips can keep your food fresh for days or months. With these doors, you can also prevent pests from entering the walk-in freezer.

? What are walk-in combination boxes?

Walk-in combination boxes are highly efficient refrigerated units. These units are also extremely versatile. Walk-in combination boxes come equipped with freezer and cooler sections. Low-temperature combination box units that offer -10 degrees Fahrenheit are perfect for storing frozen meat, chicken, vegetables, and pre-cooked meals.

The cooler section of a walk-in combination box offers a medium temperature range of 35 degrees Fahrenheit. You can store cheese, aerated beverages, and other essential ingredients safely in walk-in combination units. Walk-in combination boxes come equipped with an insulated and durable body that can retain heat over a prolonged period.

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Walk-In Refrigeration Recent Reviews
Michael S (New Philadelphia, Ohio)
We use the cooler as a point of use walk-in for our kegs in a small scale microbrewery. I would recommend this product to anyone in the market. In all, I believe this took a few hours to assemble and the technicians did not seem to have any issues with the cooling system install.
Frank A (Woodbridge, Virginia)
Will recommend to all friends
Ralph (Roxbury, Connecticut)
product just arrived looks good as described for what is needed...
Robert G (Pleasant Valley, New York)
We are Contractors who sell and install Freezers and Coolers. Scott could not have been easier to work with. The best review that I have would be to say that we will do business with them again.
Carter E (Crozet, Virginia)
Haven't fully installed yet. Quality seems good for the price, but construction isn't quite as good as I expected.
Rodney W (Wadesville, Indiana)
Very happy
Chris E (Ollney, Illinois)
Good product. The units install easily and function great!
Sean O (Jefferson, Louisiana)
LOVE the Kolpak!
Michael M (Chicago, Illinois)
Nice Frezzer - Love the free upgrates
Peter B (Washington, District of Columbia)
Cooler works great
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