Any order going to Houston TX or anywhere in Florida will get a 10% discount.
This discount was set up to assist those hurricane victims that lost equipment and need to replace them.

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A Guide to Choosing Commercial Refrigeration

Depending on the type of unit you’re purchasing, there are likely a few options in terms of size and capacity available. There are a few ways to categorize the size/capacity of a unit:

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A Guide to Choosing Ice Cream Equipment

Softserve ice cream, custard, and frozen yogurt are best-sellers, but these three treats have many differences between them despite their similar goodness. With $25 billion spent annually on these treats alone, there’s certainly a market for frozen desserts.

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A Guide to Choosing Walk-In Boxes

Walk-in coolers tend to be larger than their freezer counterparts and can occupy a space from 15 cubic feet to as large as 400,000 square feet! Keep the following in mind when choosing the size/capacity of your walk-in box:

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A Guide to Choosing Merchandisers
Considerations for Choosing a Merchandiser: Do you want customers to serve themselves? Are you displaying hot or cold foods? Do you want access from both sides? Do you need to remote the refrigeration because the unit is going into an already warm location?

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A Guide to Choosing Bar Equipment

Any restaurant with a dedicated bar will need to invest in additional equipment specifically designed for the bar area. Many of these units tend to take up less space and are specialized for bartending purposes.

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Serving Stations

Restaurants who offer a buffet line or hotels with a continental breakfast need to invest in specialized equipment to handle self-service tasks.

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Walk-In vs Reach-In: A Designer's Perspective

“Well, If I have a walk-in cooler, do I really need to have a reach-in and work top refrigerators?”

This question comes up often when I discuss the layout and design of a client’s kitchen.  The answer is that it depends.

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Walk-In Coolers

Your walk-in unit is arguably the most important and understated piece of restaurant equipment you have.

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A Walk Through Your Walk-In: Part 2

Your walk-in unit is arguably the most important and understated piece of restaurant equipment you have. This is PART 2 of Walking Through Your Walk-In series!

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Walk-In Insulation

What many don’t realize is that the insulation for your walk-in unit can play a huge role in the efficiency of the unit itself which can impact your utility bills, the maintenance of your unit, and the lifespan of your unit as well.

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Salvador M (Fontana , California)
Great product description
Scott L (Teague, Texas)
Highly recommend
Joanna S (Katy, Texas)
Easy to assemble and works perfectly.
Tom B (Potlatch, Idaho)
Very Goog
Theresa B (McClellan Park, California)
Quality products
Michael M (Chicago, Illinois)
Perfect - Cooler - comes how it promise\nall ready to plug in - very easy to put together-
Linnaea D (Balston Spa, New York)
Commercial kitchen
Peter E (Mason, Michigan)
Good product works exactly the way I need it to
Carl Paige
Thank you so much for the help with assembly and set up! Couldn't be more pleased with the service. Recommending to friends in the business.
Awesome product. Very impressed with the service experience overall.
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