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A Guide to Choosing Warewashers

While you should always look for the Energy Star label, there are new energy efficient ventless dishwashers on the market that are also worth considering. Typically, traditional dishwashers have a vent to expel the warm air from the system after washing cycles, requiring your kitchen to have a hood. Each cycle operates independently of one another, but the energy efficient ventless dishwashers have found a way to not only utilize the output vapor and heat from cycles but to also reduce energy consumption as well as water consumption!

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A Guide to Cold Beverage Equipment and Accessories

Prepared and pre-made drinks alike need to be stored properly and within easy access to either your employees or your guests unless you’re making drinks on an individual basis.

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A Guide to Choosing Essential Bar Supplies

Stocking your bar involves more than simply choosing which liquors and alcohols to serve. In fact, it’s also more than choosing the equipment you’ll need. There are many supplies specifically designed for the bar area that can improve your customer service, help to vary your menu offerings, and increase workflow and efficiency in the bar area. Here are a few essentials that you should include in your bar area.

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A Guide to Choosing Bar Equipment

Any restaurant with a dedicated bar will need to invest in additional equipment specifically designed for the bar area. Many of these units tend to take up less space and are specialized for bartending purposes.

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A Guide to Choosing Stainless Steel Sinks

The number of compartments you’ll need for your sink will be determined by the tasks that your sink needs to perform. While three compartment sinks are the traditional favorite of many kitchens, there are other options available:

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Capitalizing on New Year's Resolutions

As restaurant owners, one of our goals is to cater to demand - the traditional, the trendy, and the topical. If you haven’t taken the time to capitalize on New Year’s resolutions, then you’re likely missing out on a huge chunk of profit!

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Juicy Stuff!

Juicers and blenders become magical machines that hold the promise of better days and restful nights. As restaurant owners and managers, it’s our responsibility (should we seek to continue to prosper) to respond to these evolving needs!

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Hands-Free Faucets

Hands-free faucets have become a widely-accepted part of restaurant bathrooms, but have you considered using them in the kitchen as well?

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NSF-Rated Sinks

When it comes to square utility sinks and NSF-rated sinks, the differences can be stark.

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Krowne Bar Equipment Recent Reviews
Huynh N (st Paul , Minnesota)
Item missing one part otherwise everything is fine
Michael B (Roswell, Georgia)
Looks great with the new granite countertops installed!
Aimee M (Hemet, California)
Love it
Steven Trindle
Recently added this to my bar. Perfect fit. Very durable and great quality.
Mike K
I purchase most of my bar equipment from Krowne. This was my latest. Another great buy. Recommended!
Matt Kendall
I just installed this in my bar last week and have no complaints so far. The appearance is great, and I love the locking doors and adjustable shelves. Thank you very much.
much cheaper than some of the other brands, and still works great. satisfied with the product and customer service
Laura Grey
Love this. Very flexible, great pressure. Definitely does the job well. Very satisfied with this product.