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Krowne Metal GWD-24 Underbar Glasswasher
Krowne Metal GWD-24 Underbar Glasswasher
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Krowne Metal GWR-24 Underbar Glasswasher
Krowne Metal GWR-24 Underbar Glasswasher
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Commercial Glass Washers: For A Streamlined Bar

Commercial glasswashers are an essential addition to any kitchen, bar, and any other foodservice operations.  Glass washers offer a faster way to rinse and clean glasses so that you always have enough available throughout the day. CKitchen offers a wide selection of commercial glass washers from some of the most trusted brands in the industry today. They are available in different sizes and capacities in order to fit your operation and your layout. We also have Energy Star-rated products that are designed to deliver superior performance fro lower energy consumption!

Commercial glass washers provide a more sanitary solution compared to handwashing as they are able to eliminate more germs. By having clean glasses on hand, bartenders will always have one to use to prepare orders instead of leaving their station. In fact, there are underbar glass washing stations that can be placed at the front-of-house area to provide easy access to clean glasses right from the counter. These are much easier to integrate into your existing setup because you won't have to move things around.

Commercial glass washers are capable of washing and rinsing an entire rack in under two minutes. A commercial dishwasher is not a substitute for a glass washer, as the former is designed for plates and operates differently. The higher heat in dishwashing machines could wear out glassware and ultimately break them. Dedicated glass washers will provide gentler heat. Many glass washers can also perform hot rinsing so that the glasses won't have to be dried by hand. This is a way to not just save labor but also prevent additional safety risks that may come from using a towel.

Additionally, commercial glass washers have faster turnaround time, ensuring availability. If you want to clean both plates and glasses in a single piece of equipment, consider a warewasher, which we have a great selection of here on CKitchen.

There are high-temperature and low-temperature commercial glass washers. Temperature plays a crucial role in the entire process. If it is on the lower side, the washer might not be effective in removing all dirt and bacteria. Higher temperatures could crack and break your glasses. Glass washed in high-temp units will have to be cooled down before they can be used. Low-temperature washers come with a chemical sanitation system that reduces health risks and improves the effect so that the glass surface is clean but protected. For references, glasses are best washed at a temperature of130 degrees Fahrenheit and are rinsed at 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

For small establishments, you can opt for in-sink glass washers, which are installed inside the sink, and are designed to clean your glasses using hot water and rotating brushes. Electric glass washers are a great option for those without much space to spare, although more manual intervention required and turnaround time might be slower.

If you run a busy mid-sized foodservice operation, undercounter counter glass washers are the safer bet, as these units don't require a lot of space, but are capable of cleaning dozens of racks per hour. They are equipped with either a heating element or a chemical system for sanitizing your glasses.

For high-production businesses such as a cafeteria or hospital, conveyor glass washers will provide the power you need to go through hundreds of racks every hour. As the name suggests, this type of glass washer has a conveyor belt where dirty glasses are placed on one side and come out the other sparkling clean. A splash curtain washes and rinses the glasses as they are moved through the machine. Depending on your workflow, you can get conveyor glass washers that move the glasses clockwise or counterclockwise. For these units, there are underbar options for greater efficiency at the counter.

Cold-rinse glass washers are designed to wash the glass then rinse it with hot water and then with cold water to remove any unsightly streak marks. They can consume a lot of energy though since part of the process is reheating the water from a previous wash. For a bar or pub, a wash-and-dump glass washer can be a commercial washing companion, but they can use up a lot of water.

A great alternative would be the recirculating glass washer, which keeps the wash water at ideal temperatures so that it doesn't have to be heated every time you start a wash cycle. These are some of the more energy-efficient and high-performance glass washers with a turnaround time fo one minute with an output of thousand glasses per hour. They can also be set up in smaller spaces, making them highly versatile.

Commercial glass washers are a wise investment for any foodservice business. They can be customized to include a variety of accessories and components to suit your specific operation. Consider browsing our line of water filters to keep your unit performing at its best. If you need any assistance in choosing a brand new commercial glass washer, don’t hesitate to give us a call so one of our trained foodservice equipment consultants can help.

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