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A Guide to Choosing Ice Machines

While choosing a certain ice machine based on its ice structure output may seem secondary, in fact choosing the right type of ice can improve profits and customer satisfaction. Knowing the difference ice types and their various uses can help you choose the ideal ice maker for your business.

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A Guide to Choosing Commercial Refrigeration

Depending on the type of unit you’re purchasing, there are likely a few options in terms of size and capacity available. There are a few ways to categorize the size/capacity of a unit:

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A Guide to Choosing Ice Cream Equipment

Softserve ice cream, custard, and frozen yogurt are best-sellers, but these three treats have many differences between them despite their similar goodness. With $25 billion spent annually on these treats alone, there’s certainly a market for frozen desserts.

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A Guide to Choosing Walk-In Boxes

Walk-in coolers tend to be larger than their freezer counterparts and can occupy a space from 15 cubic feet to as large as 400,000 square feet! Keep the following in mind when choosing the size/capacity of your walk-in box:

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A Guide to Choosing Display Refrigeration

Note! Most of the units below are available with remote compressors. These require installation by a refrigeration technician, and this adds a lot of cost. Units situated in warm areas will work more efficiently and not add to the already warm ambient temperature if the condenser and compressor are place in a well-ventilated room. If they are placed outdoors, you will need to note that in your order so that an outdoor hood and heater can be included.

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Top 20 Drinks That Every Bar Needs

The primary function of a bar is to ensure that people get the drinks they love – and for that reason, it’s essential that all bar owners have all the right bar supplies. From commercial ice machines and quality drinks glasses, to popular alcoholic beverages and mixers, every bar owner needs to ensure they are fully prepared to keep customers happy. 

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Millennials Influencing the Snacking Craze

Snacking has long been a part of American cuisine. Bite-size and small portion foods help to fill out the day in between our standard meal times, and many opt to snack as a way to indulge rather than sustain. The Millennial generation has further fueled the demand for snacking options, and restaurants who choose to forego these small-portion dishes can be missing out on a large chunk of profit.

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Glass Door Merchandisers for Beverages

Perception can make or break a guest experience regardless of the actual quality of your items. The appearance of your restaurant and the way you display items can impact your guests’ perceptions, so taking the time to invest in the way you present your products is key to completing your marketing! Glass door merchandisers can work well for front of house as well as for back of house storage in areas visible to the public.


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Choosing Top-Mounted Refrigeration

Refrigeration and cooling units are an integral part to every restaurant’s kitchen. As a potentially huge sinkhole for energy consumption, correct selection and placement of these kitchen monsters can mean the difference between a wise investment and a costly mistake. When it comes to selection of your reach-in refrigeration, there are two main categories to choose from: top-mounted and bottom-mounted. Choosing a top-mounted reach-in unit for the back of the house is ideal!

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Maxx Cold Restaurant Supplies and Equipment Recent Reviews
Lorie P (Hopkins, Minnesota)
We ordered two of these units for our church kitchen. They are beautiful stainless steel inside and out and are such an improvement over our last refrigerators! We like being able to see the digital temp reading on the exterior of the refrigerator. Seems like a great quality so far.
George H (Hurt, Virginia)
We just received the refrigerator and haven't had an opportunity to use it. With that in mind
Robert B (Patterson, California)
We will be using this product for industrial adhesive storage.\nGreat value for the size and features.
Chris B (San Francisco, California)
Excellent job!
Robert B (Patterson, California)
This product helps up pass an ISO audit regarding product storage
Jack Lowry
Great for our small kitchen. Fits perfectly under our counters. Very good quality, keeps food frozen and frost-free.
Georgia Baker
Much more reasonably priced than some of the others. Thankful we found this one. Works just as well!
much better than our previous one. works better and keeps ice frozen longer. glad we finally switched.