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Merchandiser Freezers: Improving Impulse Sales

Merchandiser freezers are food storage and display solutions for frozen foods. Perfect for convenience stores, grocery stores, and any other foodservice establishment that requires frozen products like ice cream to be visible and easily accessible, merchandiser freezers come in the form of glass door merchandisers that provide the ideal temperature for frozen goods.

Merchandiser freezers come in a wide variety of capacities. For freezing a small number of items or showcasing frozen food favorites, countertop models will be an excellent choice. There are horizontal and upright models with white or black coated exteriors to choose from depending on your setup.

Upright merchandiser freezers typically have swinging doors and ensure that products remain visible at all times even without customers having to walk to the freezer. Horizontal units, which are sometimes called chest freezers, don’t immediately show the contents, so customers will have to approach the unit. Access for these units is through sliding doors. Units typically use LED lighting to provide maximum visibility without incurring high energy bills.

Large upright reach-in units can have one (1) to five (5) sections each with multiple wire shelves to accommodate a wide variety of products. These merchandiser freezers usually have a backlit graphics panel at the top to help capture customer attention. The bottom shelf is higher because the compressor is placed on the bottom of the unit.

Horizontal merchandiser freezers come with multiple adjustable dividers to maximize available interior space. The cabinet can be pretty deep though, so customers will have to stoop down to reach products located close to the floors of the unit.

CKitchen has a broad selection of merchandiser freezers from trusted brands like Beverage-Air, Falcon, and Master-Bilt. These manufacturers have incorporated smart features to their products in order to streamline your operations. With technologies like self-diagnostic monitoring, smart defrosting, and self-cleaning condensers, our merchandising freezers take out the complexities of frozen food storage and display so you can focus on improving your sales and your bottom line.

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