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Refrigerator Microwave Combos

Store Breast Milk And Pumping Equipment Safely With Refrigerator Microwave Combos

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    High-Quality Refrigerator Microwave Combos

    Refrigerator microwave combos create a single consolidated station for safe storage of breast milk and pumping equipment. These units will be central in places like employee wellness rooms, daycare centers, and lactation lounges. The refrigerator is dedicated to breast milk storage, operating at a temperature range that is best suited for it. The temperature is easy to read and there is even an alarm that alerts you if the refrigerator hits the danger zone. For added security and peace of mind, refrigerators typically have lockers that require combination keys. For this application, sanitation is paramount, so you can expect refrigerator microwave combos to have additional elements that protect from bacteria and contamination. 

    The microwave is placed on top of the breast milk refrigerator to cut the number of steps that nursing moms will take to store the milk and their equipment.  The microwave on these combos, such as the ones from Summit, is rated for commercial use so it can take quite a beating and stay reliable and durable for many years. Safety mechanisms are also in place to keep the people and contents safe. 

    Summit offers one of the most extensive refrigerator microwave combos in the industry, and you can get them here at CKitchen at the best prices and with a guarantee of quality and performance. Even the handles on the breast milk refrigerators have antimicrobial protection to prevent the spread of germs.

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