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Cecilware Corporation is the leader manufacturer of food service equipment, beverage equipment & cooking equipment. The company invented automatic coffee urns in the 1950s and in the 1990s produced vast selection of Cappuccino dispensing equipment. Through a number of acquisitions and new product launches, Cecilware's cooking equipment line covers a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment for the food service industry. Cecilware manufactures: frozen drink machines, convection ovens, induction ranges, coffee brewers, beverage dispensers, espresso machines, cappuccino machines, juicers, panini grills, hotplates, syrup warmers, fryers, food warmers, cheesemelters, condiments, countertop electric ovens, smallware, charbroilers, slicers, griddles, tea brewers, water boilers & water dispensers. If you need help choosing the right Cecilware commercial equipment, please give us a call and our certified food service equipment consultant will assist you. Cecilware commercial kitchen equipment from CKitchen.com

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A Guide to Choosing Steamers

Choosing between different models and sizes of steamers should be based on the amount of food you plan to cook within the cavity at once. In addition, you’ll need to consider the space accommodations allotted for your steamer, as one model may consume a footprint within your kitchen while another can sit comfortably on top of a shelving unit. 

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A Guide to Choosing Commercial Refrigeration

Depending on the type of unit you’re purchasing, there are likely a few options in terms of size and capacity available. There are a few ways to categorize the size/capacity of a unit:

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A Guide to Choosing Convection Ovens
When choosing your convection oven, you’ll first need to ask yourself a few questions:


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A Guide to Choosing Charbroilers

Charbroilers generally operate at temperatures of 550 degrees and up, regardless of make, model, or manufacturer. Burners are separated at widths of 12”-15” apart (with pricier models having more burners/width), and unlike a griddle, the cooktop has slats to give items that classic grillmark appearance.

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A Guide to Choosing Mixers
Bakeries, pizzerias, traditional restaurants, and institutions all need to consider how much they’ll need to mix in any given batch of product as well as what they are planning on mixing to decide which mixer is best suited for the task.

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Protect Workers with Your Equipment

The equipment you choose to outfit your foodservice establishment with is typically tailored to your customers’ demands and needs. Many times, owners overlook the needs of their own workers and the role that their equipment plays in it!

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Flat vs Char Grill

Flat-top grilling (aka griddle) and char grilling are two typical grilling methods, and both are preferred for different reasons and in their own right. While one is not necessarily better than the other, there are a few things to consider when making the decision between flat and char grills.

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Reduce Your Startup Costs

Opening a new restaurant is a daunting task and costly endeavour for many. When it comes to kitchen equipment, knowing how to make informed purchases that are both cost-effective and long-standing can help retain your working capital while reducing headaches in the future.

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Small Plate, Big Impact

Traditionally, appetizers are designed as a shared item while entrees are made for the individual. With smaller plates, chefs have the ability to make a large impact on their customers, keeping them coming back for more!

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Gas vs Electric Equipment for your Kitchen

Investing in kitchen equipment can be costly, and many try to stretch their pennies when it comes to deciding what to get. When choosing between gas and electric equipment, there are more factors than just cost that can affect your restaurant! Knowing the differences between gas and electric equipment for your kitchen can help you make an informed decision in purchasing foodservice appliances.

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umansky b (Alexandria, Virginia)
water treatment
Matt S (Jasper, Indiana)
Works like I would like
Sandy B (Escondido, California)
John McDougal
bought with the warmer. love both pieces. thanks for everything!
John McDougal
great for the catering business. keeps fries warm and fresh for customers. love it
William Grey
Very high quality grill. Love the convenient double grill feature and adjustable temp controls. Works very well.
Meg P
Easy and convenient, with 2 compartments and 3 spouts. The timers are awesome too. Definitely worth it!
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