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Find a wide selection of undercounter full size cube ice makers from CKichen at low prices. Enjoy fast shipping & reliable service for all your ice machine needs.


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Bullet Shaped Ice

Bullet Shaped Ice

Explore CKitchen's wide selection of undercounter bullet shaped ice makers to find the ideal one for your needs. Benefit from our low prices & fast shipping.
Crescent Cubes

Crescent Cubes

Buy a wide range of undercounter crescent ice makers at low prices. Enjoy fast shipping & reliable service for all your ice machine needs. Shop now at CKitchen!

Gourmet Cubes

Shop for the perfect undercounter gourmet ice maker in our high-quality collection at CKitchen. Enjoy fast shipping and affordable prices on all products.


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Highly Rated Undercounter Ice Makers

Falcon VPIM500 Ice Maker, Cube-Style - Air-Cooled
Your Price$3,092.60
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Popular Brands for Undercounter Ice Makers

Manitowoc is a top manufacturer of reliable, high-quality commercial undercounter ice makers for various industries. Shop more Manitowoc Undercounter Ice Makers
Scotsman undercounter ice machines are compact, efficient, and reliable, producing high-quality ice for various needs. Shop more Scotsman Undercounter Ice Makers
Atosa undercounter ice machines produce clear, long-lasting ice with high efficiency and low noise for commercial use. Shop more Atosa Undercounter Ice Makers
Follett Corp
Follett undercounter ice machines produce chewable, nugget ice with high efficiency and durability for commercial use. Shop more Follett Corp Undercounter Ice Makers
Hoshizaki undercounter ice machines are durable, energy-efficient, and produce crystal-clear ice for various commercial applications. Shop more Hoshizaki Undercounter Ice Makers
U-Line Commercial
U-Line undercounter ice machines offer a variety of ice types and sizes, with sleek designs suitable for residential or commercial use. Shop more U-Line Commercial Undercounter Ice Makers
Ice-O-Matic undercounter ice machines are built to last, with simple maintenance and energy-efficient operation for commercial use. Shop more Ice-O-Matic Undercounter Ice Makers
Blue Air
BlueAir undercounter ice machines offer compact design, reliable and efficient ice production for any foodservice business. Shop more Blue Air Undercounter Ice Makers
Eurodib USA
Eurodib undercounter ice makers are energy-efficient, durable, and produce various ice shapes, suitable for commercial or residential use. Shop more Eurodib USA Undercounter Ice Makers
ITV Ice Makers
ITV undercounter ice makers produce high-quality ice with advanced features for efficient operation, suitable for various commercial applications. Shop more ITV Ice Makers Undercounter Ice Makers
Koolaire undercounter ice machines are dependable and produce clear ice, suitable for various commercial applications. Shop more Koolaire Undercounter Ice Makers
Maxx Cold
Maxx Cold undercounter ice machines are durable, efficient, and produce crystal-clear ice suitable for various commercial applications. Shop more Maxx Cold Undercounter Ice Makers
Admiral Craft
Admiral Craft undercounter ice machines produce clear ice and feature a compact design, suitable for small commercial applications. Shop more Admiral Craft Undercounter Ice Makers
Norpole undercounter ice makers are designed for high-volume use, producing clear ice with efficient operation and durable construction. Shop more Norpole Undercounter Ice Makers
Manitowoc UCP0500 14.75" Ice Maker With Bin, Cube-Style - /24 Hr Ice Production, Air-Cooled,
Your Price$2,090.84

Call us for pricing at
1 (800) 555-0666

Call us for pricing at
1 (800) 555-0666

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Manitowoc UCP0050A 14.75" Ice Maker With Bin, Cube-Style - /24 Hr Ice Production, ,
Your Price$2,090.84

Call us for pricing at
1 (800) 555-0666

Call us for pricing at
1 (800) 555-0666

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    Undercounter Ice Makers: Profit Boost Beneath the Counter

    Undercounter ice makers are an excellent solution for operators looking to add or increase ice-making capabilities to their business in the most convenient way possible. You can get a lot of use out of limited space in your bar or restaurant with an undercounter ice machine. If you cannot accommodate a large freestanding ice maker in your facility, an undercounter ice machine is the next best thing.

    Undercounter ice makers move the action from your prep and service area to beneath the counter, effectively freeing valuable countertop space for other kitchen tasks. With the right unit, you can produce large volumes of fresh, high-quality ice from a tiny commercial kitchen.

    The lowdown on undercounter ice machines
    Undercounter ice makers typically come in a single package. The condenser and the storage bin are both packed inside to make it easy and simple for you to set it up in your commercial kitchen in no time. With this convenient design, you can hit the ground running.

    Despite the smaller footprint, you’ll be surprised at the range of capacities these undercounter ice makers have. We have units that can produce as little as 50 pounds of ice every 24 hours to more than 400 pounds!

    Undercounter ice machines can be used to support daily operations such as serving drinks, dispensing, and food display and preservation. These units can make ice cubes, both full-sized and half-sized, or flake ice and nugget ice. There's always an undercounter ice machine that will perfectly suit your business.

    Just like other types of ice machines, undercounter ice machines come in both air-cooled and water-cooled refrigeration systems. While air-cooled undercounter ice machines are the most common, there may be some operations where a water-cooled undercounter ice maker would serve you best. Such facilities are those located in places where ambient temperature or a high presence of contaminants is difficult to control.

    How to make a confident purchase
    If you find shopping for commercial ice machines to be a challenge, we hear you. With so many styles on the market, it can be hard to identify which one is best for your unique needs. But don't worry, we are here to assist you.

    Your best source of undercounter ice machines
    CKitchen has a solid selection of undercounter ice machines from some of the most trusted and recognizable names in commercial refrigeration.

    Undercounter ice machines from world-renowned brands HoshizakiManitowocScotsman, and Ice O Matic. are built with stainless steel for reliability and time-saving cleanability. They are also equipped with features that automate and simplify ice-making tasks including important processes like routine cleaning and maintenance. This saves you a lot of time that you can, in turn, direct to other parts of your operation.

    These manufacturers also recognize the need to keep your utility costs low without taking a hit in other important factors like quality and production capacity. This is why many of the undercounter ice makers on CKitchen are well-equipped to meet and exceed Energy Star standards in order to help you stay under budget.
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