Undercounter Ice Makers

Always have plenty of ice on hand, even when space is limited, with an undercounter ice machine or ice maker 

No matter what volume of ice your foodservice business needs to produce, at Ckitchen.com you are sure to find the perfect undercounter ice maker or ice machine to meet all of your ice production needs. Thanks to the space saving benefits of an undercounter ice machine or ice maker, you can produce plenty of ice to meet customer demand even when space is limited within your commercial kitchen. Undercounter ice machines and ice makers come in varieties that produce anywhere from around 50 pounds of ice per day, all the way up to over 350 pounds of ice per day, allowing you to select the ice machine or ice maker that best meets your specific ice making needs. Whether you plan to use an undercounter ice maker or ice machine to supplement another ice machine or ice maker within your facility, or are looking for a unit that can act as the sole source of ice for your business, you will find the perfect undercounter ice maker or ice machine to meet your unique business needs.
At Ckitchen.com you will find a variety of the best brands of ice makers and ice machines in the industry, such as Manitowoc, Scotsman, and Ice-O-Matic. Search through our selection of undercounter ice makers and undercounter ice machines to find the best option for your needs. Depending on your beverage menu and ice usage plans, you can select an undercounter ice machine or ice maker by the type of ice it produces, with choices ranging from cube ice in either half- or full-cube size, nugget ice, or flake ice. Cube ice is the perfect choice for use in cocktails or mixed drinks, while nugget ice is particularly tasty paired with soft drinks. Flake ice is commonly used in chilled food displays in produce sections of grocery stores, in fish markets, or for use in healthcare settings. Whatever your ice making needs, you will find the best undercounter ice machines and other commercial ice makers at Ckitchen.com.

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  • SKU # CU1526SW-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $140.19/mo.

  • SKU # CU2026MA-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $159.19/mo.

  • SKU # CU2026MA-32
  • FINANCE FOR: $161.60/mo.

  • SKU # CU2026MA-6
  • FINANCE FOR: $163.18/mo.

  • SKU # CU2026SA-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $159.19/mo.

  • SKU # CU2026SA-6
  • FINANCE FOR: $163.18/mo.

  • SKU # CU2026SW-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $159.19/mo.

  • SKU # CU2026SW-32
  • FINANCE FOR: $161.60/mo.

  • SKU # CU3030MA-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $185.09/mo.

  • SKU # CU3030MA-32
  • FINANCE FOR: $187.50/mo.

  • SKU # CU3030MA-6
  • FINANCE FOR: $189.07/mo.

  • SKU # CU3030SA-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $185.09/mo.

  • SKU # CU3030SA-32
  • FINANCE FOR: $187.33/mo.

  • SKU # CU3030SA-6
  • FINANCE FOR: $189.07/mo.

  • SKU # CU3030SW-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $185.09/mo.

  • SKU # CU50PA-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $150.73/mo.

  • SKU # KML-700MAJ
  • FINANCE FOR: $73.86/mo.

  • SKU # KML-700MRJ
  • FINANCE FOR: $72.68/mo.



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