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A Guide to Choosing Ice Machines

While choosing a certain ice machine based on its ice structure output may seem secondary, in fact choosing the right type of ice can improve profits and customer satisfaction. Knowing the difference ice types and their various uses can help you choose the ideal ice maker for your business.

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Choosing the Right Ice Machine

Shopping for a new ice machine can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re in the market for the first time. These units are critical for most food service operations, so choosing the wrong ice machine for your needs can spell disaster in the long-run.

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Ice Ice Baby!

Ice is used in a variety of restaurant functions; From menu selections to packing chilled or frozen storage, your restaurant uses ice on a daily basis. When choosing an ice machine, it pays to invest in the right type of ice that fits the bill! From cubed to crushed, choosing the right type of ice for your restaurant’s applications is critical in selecting the appropriate ice machine for your kitchen.


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Ice: The 'Other' Food

Working in a restaurant kitchen exposes chefs to a variety of cuisines. While the utmost food safety standards are held in place for most kitchen practices, the ice bin is often overlooked.

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Air-Cooled vs Water-Cooled Ice Machines

Compressors come in three main types: air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote-cooled. Choosing between the three is dependent on your restaurant’s specific needs.

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Ice Machine Add-Ons

To prolong the life of our ice machines and extend the time between maintenance calls, many choose to spend a little more time on the extras! With a few simple add-ons, one can turn their ice machine into a long-lasting, energy saving unit.

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Angelo C (Dania, Florida)
Galen B (Edingurgh, Indiana)
I'am a dealer I also whole sale ice that's why I know their #1 on the market.
Randal R (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
perfect size ice maker for 200 people.
Love the new design
Great Product
Dan C (Houston, Texas)
Fast shipping and worked and worked with me to meet my expectations
kirby g (lubbock, Texas)
Installation and start up were easy. Quick and dependable
Charles S (Cinnaminson, New Jersey)
Fine product
Saud K (Shaker Heights, Ohio)
Reselling the product
Thomas B (Cedar falls , Iowa)
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