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Mega Top Tables

Mega Top Tables Provide All The Safe, Cold Storage You Need For A Litany of Ingredients

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Convenient access to stored ingredients, ensuring efficient food preparation and organization in commercial kitchens.


Harmonious fusion of expansive workspace and efficient storage capabilities, revolutionizing your workflow like never before.
Doors and Drawers

Doors and Drawers

Multitude of benefits, including enhanced organization and security as the doors and drawers provide enclosed storage spaces for ingredients keeping them neatly organized, while ensuring easy accessibility for efficient workflow.
Front Breathing

Front Breathing

Discover the exceptional convenience and space-saving advantages of Mega Top Tables with front breathing compressor style, ensuring efficient airflow and easier installation in your commercial kitchen.
Side / Rear Breathing

Side / Rear Breathing

A game-changing addition to your kitchen setup, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency and enhanced workspace utilization.

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Arctic Air Beverage Air Victory Refrigeration Atosa Delfield Hoshizaki Traulsen Blue Air Turbo Air Everest True Continental Refrig Kelvinator Commercial Maxx Cold Admiral Craft Akita Refrigeration IKON Kool-It - Signature Norpole
Arctic Air AMT28R 29'' 1 Door Counter Height Mega Top Refrigerated Sandwich / Salad Prep Table
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    Mega Top Tables: Ideal Food Storage For Busy Deli Operations

    If you need to chill and keep close a large number of ingredients for your sandwiches, salads, or pizzas, these spacious mega top prep tables are up to the task.

    Mega top tables provide ample cold storage space in food prep stations. With storage for up to four (4) rows of pans instead of just two (2) or three (3) that are typically found in standard prep tables, mega top sandwich and salad prep tables are made to support high-volume operations. A heavy-duty insulated lid covers the products in between order preparations. Some units even have a clear lid, which seals in the cold air and the freshness while still making the available ingredients visible for your customers.

    A spacious cutting board is installed at the front of the cold food pans so that you can grab what you need and then place and assemble them on this convenient counter surface without walking back and forth your kitchen.

    Widths for mega top tables can range from 27" all the way to 72" to suit all scales of operation. The refrigerated base has either a cabinet, drawers, or a combination of both for the ultimate versatility.

    With features like state-of-the-art temperature control technology, high-quality door liners, eco-friendly refrigeration system, and heavy-duty casters, mega top tables are able to maintain even temperatures to deliver enhanced cooling performance. This means your ingredients are stored in the ideal temperatures required at all times to keep them fresher and crisper for longer.

    CKitchen has some of the best mega top tables in the business offered at the lowest guaranteed prices so you can revamp your salad or sandwich operation without breaking the bank. Our products come from trusted brands in the industry such as Beverage-AirTraulsen, Victory Refrigeration, Nor-LakeDelfieldEverestHoshizaki, and Master-Bilt.

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