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Commercial Pass-Thru Dual Temps

Get All The Temp-Controlled Storage You Need With Commercial Pass-Thru Dual Temps

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Victory Refrigeration HRSA-2D-S1-EW-PT-HC UltraSpec™ Series Dual Temp Warmer/Refrigerator
$18,146.18 /Ea
Your Price$14,196.72
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Victory Refrigeration HRS-2D-S1-EW-PT-HC UltraSpec™ Series Dual Temp Warmer/Refrigerator
$18,187.88 /Ea
Your Price$14,229.34
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Victory Refrigeration RFSA-2D-S1-PT-HC UltraSpec™ Series Refrigerator/Freezer Featuring
$19,168.61 /Ea
Your Price$14,996.61
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Continental Refrigerator Refrigerator Freezer, Pass-Thru
$17,313.00 /Ea
Your Price$15,056.75
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Victory Refrigeration HRS-2D-S1-EW-PT-HD-HC UltraSpec™ Series Dual Temp Warmer/Refrigerator
$19,413.02 /Ea
Your Price$15,187.84
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Popular Brands for Commercial Pass-Thru Dual Temps

Victory Refrigeration Continental Refrig
Continental Refrigerator D2RFENPT Designer Line Refrigerator/Freezer
$18,078.00 /Ea
Your Price$15,721.88
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Continental Refrigerator D2RFNPTHD Designer Line Refrigerator/Freezer
$18,090.00 /Ea
Your Price$15,732.29
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Victory Refrigeration RFSA-2D-S1-PT-HD-HC UltraSpec™ Series Refrigerator/Freezer Featuring
$20,445.77 /Ea
Your Price$15,995.81
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Victory Refrigeration RFSA-2D-S1-EW-PT-HC UltraSpec™ Series Refrigerator/Freezer Featuring
$20,713.14 /Ea
Your Price$16,204.99
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Victory Refrigeration HRSA-2D-S1-EW-PT-HD-HC UltraSpec™ Series Dual Temp Warmer/Refrigerator
$20,729.97 /Ea
Your Price$16,218.15
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Victory Refrigeration RFS-2D-S1-PT-HC UltraSpec™ Series Refrigerator/Freezer Featuring
$20,845.49 /Ea
Your Price$16,308.53
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Victory Refrigeration RFS-2D-S1-PT-HD-HC UltraSpec™ Series Refrigerator/Freezer Featuring
$21,449.84 /Ea
Your Price$16,781.34
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Continental Refrigerator D3RRFNPT Designer Line Refrigerator/Freezer
$19,355.00 /Ea
Your Price$16,833.16
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Victory Refrigeration RFSA-2D-S1-EW-PT-HD-HC UltraSpec™ Series Refrigerator/Freezer
$21,939.82 /Ea
Your Price$17,164.68
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Victory Refrigeration RFS-2D-S1-EW-PT-HC UltraSpec™ Series Refrigerator/Freezer Featuring
$22,030.09 /Ea
Your Price$17,235.30
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Victory Refrigeration RFS-2D-S1-EW-PT-HD-HC UltraSpec™ Series Refrigerator/Freezer
$23,256.00 /Ea
Your Price$18,194.40
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Continental Refrigerator D2RFNSAPT Designer Line Refrigerator/Freezer
$21,670.00 /Ea
Your Price$18,845.66
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Continental Refrigerator D2RFNSSPT Designer Line Refrigerator/Freezer
$25,321.00 /Ea
Your Price$22,021.12
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Continental Refrigerator D3RRFNSAPTHD Refrigerator Freezer, Pass-Thru
$26,394.00 /Ea
Your Price$22,954.31
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    Commercial Pass-Thru Dual Temps: Make The Most Of Your Space

    Commercial pass-thru dual temps are a powerful piece of restaurant equipment that has dual temperatures to store a wide variety of products. This is a space-saving solution for those who need two-temperature units to accommodate a change in menus or an array of ingredients with different temperature requirements.

    The pass-thru design means there are two doors from where your staff can both load and retrieve items. This unique style consolidates multiple stations in the kitchen, making for a faster, more systematic workflow. Your food prep staff and cooking staff won't have to spend a lot of time walking around to get ingredients.

    Commercial pass-thru dual temps can combine a refrigerator and a freezer functionality or a refrigerator with a warmer for the ultimate versatility. They can have up to three (3) sections for low to high volume use. Each section comes with adjustable wire shelves that allow you to make use of every inch of available space inside the unit. There are units with full-height doors or half-height doors that you can choose from depending on

    Check out our commercial pass-thru dual temps for Victory Refrigeration. These units are made of high-quality stainless steel that won't easily rust, scratch, or dent to perform well in busy, challenging environments and bear the brunt of heavy daily use. The brand has integrated excellent features that make their products smarter and more efficient, and also much easier to use.

    If you are looking for other foodservice equipment and restaurant supplies at affordable prices, CKitchen has a massive selection that will surely meet your needs. From refrigeration units and merchandisers like bar coolers, deli cases, steam tables to cooking equipment like ranges, ovens, and steam kettles, we have everything you need to complete your commercial kitchen.

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