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Chill with a Commercial Blast Chiller Fast and Keep the Food in Safe Temperature Range

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When you need to chill food fast, a regular old refrigerator won’t go. Instead, you need a commercial blast freezer or a commercial blast chiller. These fast-freezing appliances help keep your food safe from bacterial growth and contamination. The worst danger of contamination occurs when temperatures drop from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why HAACP regulates that hazardous foods can’t be within this “danger zone” for more than four hours. A commercial flash freezer or chiller will help ensure that your food is in the right temperature range in less than two hours, keeping your food safe and your operation up to code.

Is there a difference between a blast chiller and a blast freezer? We’re glad you asked! Indeed, there is a distinction. Both are used to quickly lower food to around 38 degrees Fahrenheit in 90 minutes to two hours, but blast chillers are generally limited beyond that. In other words, if you need to adjust temps lower than 38 degrees, your best bet is to choose a blast freezer. We have both in our selection. In fact, CKitchen has the best selection of commercial chiller equipment on the market, made by refrigeration leaders like Beverage-Air, Delfield, Dinex, Master-Bilt, Piper Products, Traulsen and Victory.

These brands make blaster chiller freezer models in an incredible array of sizes and types. If you aren’t sure which commercial flash freezer is best for your needs, consider your volume needs and size. We have under-counter blast chillers that nestle neatly beneath a countertop or bar and are good for smaller volume needs. We also have plenty of traditional reach-in blast freezers for larger spaces. If you need the ability to move your freezer from one space to another, consider a roll-through or roll-in blast chiller from our selection. You can always contact us here at CKitchen if you need one-on-one advice about which type of blast chiller or freezer to choose.

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