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Cold Food Tables

Keep Food Chilled And Visible To Guests With Cold Food Tables

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Caddy Piper Products Cambro Delfield Eagle Turbo Air Advance Tabco IMC/Teddy


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The Best Cold Food Tables And Serving Counters For You

Cold food tables allow you to display and at the same time chill pans of desserts and cold menu items. You can create a spread of your offerings for guests to choose from, and ensure that each item on the menu stays fresh for longer periods. These cold food tables can also be set up at the back of the house to streamline your food prep. There are also serving counters that are fitted with a cutting board to provide your staff with a convenient sanitary surface to assemble orders. 

The more economical options are filled with ice while refrigerated food tables use a self-contained refrigeration system that requires electrical power. Cold food tables are made of stainless steel so that they stay tough even with long years of use. Here at CKitchen, we have an amazing selection of cold food tables from some of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers. These units are innovative, durable, and available at the best prices. 

 If you plan to have a cold food table at a specific part of your establishment, you can check out high-quality stationary models from our collection. For transporting the unit from your kitchen to the banquet hall or dining room, there are also cold food tables with casters. Many units also come with sneeze guards, which add a level of protection over the food especially when placed in a customer-accessible area such as in buffets and catered events. The base usually offers additional storage for pots, serving supplies, and other wares you may need.

Cold food tables are available in a range of sizes and colors to fit your space and concept. There are also accessories and added design elements such as docking device joints found in our amazing Eagle cold food table units that allow you to connect multiple tables to create a complete food bar.