Commercial Food Warmers & Holding Equipment

Cook and Hold Ovens
Cook and Hold Ovens

The cook and hold oven is the perfect versatile solution, preparing foods slowly for better results and maximum yields while holding cooked foods safely until serving. If you haven’t considered a cook and hold oven for your restaurant, then it’s time to take a closer look. 

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Food Warmers for Safe Holding & Serving

Being successful in the food business depends upon thorough planning and purchasing the right set of equipment. Food warmers are perfect for the safe holding and rethermalizing of food. With food warmers, you can prepare dishes ahead of time. Commercial microwaves, rethermalizers, and heaters increase your efficiency. You can use specialty warmers like soup warmers and drawer warmers to store food at ideal temperatures for a prolonged period.  

Commercial Food Warmers & Supplies FAQs

? Why are commercial microwaves perfect for commercial kitchens?

Commercial microwaves may not be the first choice of chefs as cooking equipment. But for warming food and for secondary prepping of ingredients, commercial microwaves are perfect.

? What are the benefits of using a rethermalizer in a commercial kitchen?

Food rethermalizers use hot water to reheat foods that are frozen. You can use rethermalizers to heat or cook food products and also keep them warm. These come equipped with temperature and humidity controls.

? Should we use immersion circulators as food warmers?

Immersion circulators are perfect for heating large volumes of prepackaged frozen food products. Immersion circulators and water bath heaters can also heat vacuum-sealed food at a specific temperature over a predetermined period.

Learn More About Commercial Food Warmers & Supplies

Commercial food warmers keep food hot. You can also keep prepared food warm over a certain period. For hours, a soup warmer can store soup at safe or ideal temperatures. • With chip warmers and fry dump warmers, you can keep food warm and crispy. • For buffets and events, you can use countertop display food warmers that help in merchandising and keeping food warm.

• With holding cabinets, you can store and heat multiple pans or trays of prepared food. • With heat lamps, you can heat all kinds of food items on the countertop or in a holding area. Before purchasing any industrial food warming equipment for your commercial food establishment, make sure to research the food products that need to be kept warm.

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