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When you want to give customers and employees easy access to a wide range of foods and beverages — meats, sandwiches, soups, breads, desserts, milk, juices, water, and more — you need high-quality commercial serving counters to display it all. You can use these counters in a wide range of applications, from high volume restaurants and diners, to self serve convenience stores and cafeterias. However, choosing the right cold food serving station or hot food commercial countertops for your business can be a bit of a challenge dictated by budget, space requirements, and other needs and restrictions. Our team at CKitchen can help you find the right style and size from our huge selection of commercial serving counters.

With nearly 1,400 units in our Commercial Serving Counters category, we decided it would be best to divide these up into smaller sections. So we sorted our inventory by specific usage. Our subcategories include: Milk Serving Counters, Beverage Serving Counters, Carving Counters, Cold Pan Serving Counters, Frost Top Counters, Hot & Cold Serving Counters, Hot Food Serving Counters, Ice Cream Serving Counters, Sneeze Guards, Utility Serving Counters.

All of these restaurant serving counters have special features that help you prep, serve, and store specific food items. For example, cold food serving station, like frost top counters, have cold work areas that prevent melting or defrosting while you work. This makes them ideal for keeping food chilled, or even mixing ice cream and novelties. On the other hand, beverage serving counters often feature recessed cooling units for keeping cartons, bottles, and cans ice cold until it’s time to serve them.

Many of the restaurant serving counters for sale at CKitchen have excellent features — for example, durable wheels for portability and stainless steel components for easy cleaning — that make them totally versatile in various environments. You’ll also find an excellent variety of both permanent and portable sneeze guards for sale at, to protect your food from germs and bacteria. All of the commercial serving counters and sneeze guards at CKitchen come backed by our lowest price guarantee and can be purchased or financed depending on your needs.

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